BUSINESSTOWN Month: April 2016

Tools to Help in Your SEO Keyword Research Campaign

The best way to achieve the best results in your SEO campaigns is actually by making use of the right keyword research tools. While SEO is not limited to keywords alone, they form an important base for search engines when responding to search queries. Using certain keyphrases can either help to improve or lower your... READ MORE

Essential Tax Tips for Your Small Business

Small-business owners are always on the hunt for money-saving tips and strategies. As we draw closer to tax season, it’s important to take a look at your business finances and determine what exactly you’ll owe to Uncle Sam—and what you might be able to deduct. Keep these tax tips for small businesses in mind. Travel... READ MORE

Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop: How Virtual Meetings Have Evolved

When it comes to the current landscape of business, there are more than enough hurdles to climb. The good news is that with the rise in technology, everyone is able to compete on any and every given landscape and front. However, this can also be seen as a somewhat negative because with the increased levels... READ MORE

9 Tech Skills to Learn Before Starting Your Business

  Though it's not impossible, it's highly improbable that you will find business success without relying on a handful of technologies. Software is becoming more complex every minute, providing businesses specialized resources for particular processes. Conducting business “the old-fashioned way” without devices and apps is inviting unnecessary risk through your front door. The business world moves... READ MORE

How to Build a Successful Business with Content Marketing

Nowadays, many online businesses are looking for ways to promote their brand and advertise their products and services. The best way to do this is to drive massive quality traffic to their Websites so that their target audience can get the information they need. This is where content marketing comes in. Surprisingly few businesses are... READ MORE

Small Business Goes Global: 8 Tips for Taking a Small Business International

  As a small-business owner, you are probably chiefly focused on growing here at home. However, the majority of the world’s consumers live outside of the U.S., meaning that entrepreneurs who don’t at least consider expanding internationally could be missing out on major growth opportunities. If you are thinking about growing your business overseas, there... READ MORE

Why Business Owners Should Pay Themselves First

  "Pay myself first? I can barely pay myself at all, let alone do it first!" If that sounds like you, you're not alone. Many business owners struggle with the "pay themselves" issue every day. But let’s state the obvious here: even business owners have to eat. You likely started your business so you could... READ MORE