BUSINESSTOWN Month: July 2016

Build a Great Business by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

There are more ways to sink a business than there are to set it on a course for smooth sailing. Sinking is easy. All you have to do is the wrong thing. So a good first step is learning what it is others have done that wasn’t so successful, then avoiding it at all costs.... READ MORE

The Best Alternative Financing Options for Starting a Small Business

Securing the appropriate finances is top priority when you’re looking to get a small business idea off the ground. Financing for startups can be hard to come by, as there’s often little proof of previous success, and loans given to new businesses are often saddled with risk. While bad credit and stringent loan regulations can... READ MORE

Why Your Office Definitely Still Needs Phones

Text-based communication such as email and instant messaging, is quickly and quietly displacing every other form of contact, and many business leaders are beginning to wonder: Does business even need phones anymore? The answer is a short-and-sweet, resounding yes. Unified phone systems are essential for a functioning office for a variety of reasons, all of... READ MORE

Top Tips for Creating an Inspiring Work Environment

  It's time for an office makeover! Now that the summer is in full swing, you might find business slows down a little, as many up and leave for their vacations. If you do happen to be going through a quiet spell, why not use the time productively? Now is the best time to start... READ MORE

5 Commandments for Creating a Solid Website From Scratch

Entrepreneurs are all about finding an opportunity and turning it into business. They were among the first to jump on the Internet when it became mainstream, and they fully understand the power of having an online domain for their business. Your domain name, or IP address, is your territory online. It’s your piece of virtual... READ MORE

10 Indications You’re No Longer a Mid-Sized Business

Starting a small business may have been one of the best decisions that you ever made in your entire life. Instead of struggling for a little recognition and a few promotions in a corporate job, you figured out that making money is all about owning a small business and not merely toiling in a bigger... READ MORE

How to Set up a Healthy and Productive Office

A healthy office design can save you from a lot of stressful experiences. You probably work at least eight hours a day, five days a week—and likely much more. Being stuck in your office for that length of time can be deleterious to your health. Moreover, it is not just your physical state that suffers;... READ MORE