BUSINESSTOWN Month: July 2016

4 Ways to Use Social Media During Your Hiring Process

  Some of the most powerful weapons in any recruiter’s arsenal are their social media accounts. It may be hard to believe, but social platforms have become effective recruiting tools. The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) conducted a study in which it revealed that recruitment through social media is widespread. Currently, 84% of firms are... READ MORE

How to Pay the Bills When Starting a Financial Planning Business

  Starting any business can be nerve-wracking, especially when you are giving up a steady paycheck. While your overhead costs may not be especially high at first, especially if you do most of your work from a home office and use virtual tools, most people can only manage for so long without a reliable source... READ MORE

How These 8 Simple Time Management Tips Helped Me Succeed

  As a business owner, you might often wonder how to strike the right balance between work and life. Success is what you try to achieve and maintain, but it is often difficult to find a strategy that works best for everybody; including yourself, your work and your family. Time is the key resource we have... READ MORE

Social Media Scheduling Tips for Business Owners

  When it comes to doing business, you're well aware of how important it is not only to plan well ahead, but also to stick to a schedule. Having a well-defined schedule helps you get things done, on-time, and, with a little discipline and dedication, done well. In today's market, growing and thriving as a... READ MORE

Unique and Effective Tips to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is becoming increasingly important for marketing efforts. In fact, it’s now a key component of marketing campaigns for brands worldwide. More companies use several social networks these days to promote their products and services. Before we begin, you should also know that: 72% of all internet users are active social media users Every... READ MORE

How to Launch Your Business Blog Using Free Tools

  One of the toughest things when you start a business is being able to predict cash flow. Spending money on marketing seems like a chore, especially when you have many other tasks to accomplish in your day. Thankfully, blogging exists as a way to help market yourself with little or no money. When you... READ MORE

How to Do Market Research on a Budget

If you've ever considered doing market research but the amount of money you’d have to spend upfront has held you back, you are certainly not alone. Usually, only firms of a certain size have a budget consequent enough for market research. If you are a much smaller mom and pop business or even a one-person... READ MORE