BUSINESSTOWN Month: November 2016

6 Types of Business Loans You Can Apply for Online

  It used to be that when small business owners were denied loan from banks, they were out of options. But with the emergence of online and alternate lending, that’s no longer the case. There are more types of business loans available online than ever before, which means more opportunities to get funding for your... READ MORE

Things You’re Doing That Are Wasting Your Business’s Hard-Earned Dollars

Day after day, you pour everything you have into making your business succeed. You bend over backward for customers, design new and creative ways of generating revenue and make every necessary sacrifice to advance your business’s bottom line. After all that work, how could you possibly waste the hard-earned dollars you’ve just brought in? Surprisingly,... READ MORE

11 SEO Mistakes Beginners Often Make

Sometimes the easiest way to learn something is by just doing it. Unfortunately, following this philosophy for search-engine optimization (SEO) is likely to get your Website sandboxed by Google and de-indexed from search results. Too many people simply jump into the SEO game without knowing what they are doing. The results of their “learn-as-you-go” philosophy... READ MORE

How to Get an SBA Startup Loan

  Companies of all shapes and sizes need extra capital at some point—it’s simply par for the course in business. Unfortunately, while new startup entrepreneurs often have the highest immediate need for financing to launch their businesses, startups tend to have a tougher time getting financing than small businesses at other stages of growth. Typically,... READ MORE

Running a Business from Home? Secure Your Computers Against Online Threats

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s likely that you use computers every day on the job, in some capacity at least. From marketing, administration and sales processes, through to payroll, finance, and customer service, most areas of business involve computer assistance these days. If you run your venture from home, and don’t therefore have... READ MORE

3 Ways to Create Sustainable Business Growth

  If you’re a business owner, you naturally view business growth as a good thing. It’s not only exciting but a validation of the merit of all your hard work and continual stream of good ideas. In terms of the big picture, too, a rapidly growing business is also a good thing. You not only give... READ MORE

7 Great Invoicing Apps You Probably Underestimate

When you’re running a small business, at some point you’ll have to send an invoice for the work done for your clients. Proper invoicing is crucial in almost any business, even if you’re one-person show or freelancer. Not so long ago, companies handled their invoicing through paper documents sent via snail mail to another company’s... READ MORE