BUSINESSTOWN Month: January 2017

Five Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for Businesses

  The business world is always competitive. You need to find a solution to compete effectively and emerge successfully. You need to have good marketing strategies that are cost-efficient and smart. No matter how big your business is or how outstanding your products and services are, what matters is that you reach target customers. Marketing... READ MORE

10 Values that Contribute to Business Success

The root of any business is a great idea that is presented strongly and confidently by a team of people who work together. It all starts with the idea and then bringing in a team to convert the idea into reality. This is the vital characteristic of most successful businesses. But it is not easy... READ MORE

Impressive Office Design Inspiration from Global Companies

An office must be a place where the employees don’t feel the Monday blues and can fill in their souls with energy and enthusiasm to work harder. Vibrant colors and fun-filled casual interiors make the workplace a lot of fun to be in. Companies are coming up with a new trend in the work culture,... READ MORE

The Top Accounting Mistakes Made by Small Businesses – and How to Avoid Them

Small businesses usually have (by definition) fewer resources than larger businesses, and this often means the manager takes on the role of bookkeeper and accountant. Whilst this may seem like a good money-saving scheme on the surface, there is a great potential for making mistakes. Here’s the tragic thing: most managers don’t know they are... READ MORE

How to Create a Never-Ending Stream of Business Ideas

  Have you ever worked out for a few months in a row, and then stopped abruptly? Maybe you injured yourself, were overwhelmed with work, or had to stop for some other reason…But no matter the cause, something starts to happen after a few weeks. Your muscles begin to atrophy. So, when you eventually make... READ MORE

How Inbound Marketing Is Rocking the Online Marketing World

Inbound marketing is the new lifeline that is keeping online marketing alive. It encompasses all the strategies and techniques that involve attracting new customers and clients to your Website instead of vying for their attention with traditional marketing efforts. It is all about sharing and caring. This means inbound marketing is dependent on creating fresh... READ MORE

What Does Your Office Say About You?

  Since you spend the biggest portion of your day in your office, it says something about you. Not many people know that their office space is actually a testament to how organized, inspired, hardworking or lazy they are. Everything from the décor to the arrangement of furniture tells a story and leaves a certain... READ MORE