BUSINESSTOWN Month: March 2017

5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do Right Now to Save Money

Running a small business can be tough, especially if you have an even smaller budget. Most business owners have to be creative in their quest to keep their business open and profitable. Companies that are seeing huge profits, as well as struggling organizations, should all learn the best money-saving tips for businesses. This way, a... READ MORE

Where Does Video Marketing Stand?

Is the Golden Age Here? Going by the success of video marketing last year, it’s safe to say that 2017 will be at the very least as good, if not better. The reason for this is simple. People saw the results of what can happen when a video is put out there. And there is... READ MORE

Achieving Company Goals Is a Matter of Effectively Tracking Employee Time

Time tracking is the process of monitoring and recording the number of hours a person consumes when performing a task. Perhaps the best reason why tracking time makes a highly effective strategy to facilitate growth in business is that it can be measured. Anything that can be measured can be improved. Teams can generate concrete... READ MORE

Tying Order Management and Ecommerce Systems Together

Order management and ecommerce systems are invaluable tools that will assist you in tracking inventory, speeding up the order processing system, and identifying trends and opportunities, as well as improving sales, particularly in multiple markets. These are just some of the many benefits such a system can provide. We will look at them in a... READ MORE

Fix Your Home Business Security Concerns

How secure is your home office? How easy would it be for someone to steal your laptop? Would you even know if someone breaks into your home office while you’re in bed? As the number of home workers increases so does the amount of valuable equipment in home offices that is so tempting to thieves.... READ MORE

How Will the Fed Interest Rate Increase Affect Small Business Lending?

  When the average small business owner reads about the recent interest rate increase, these details can read simply as theoretical numbers on a page, far removed from the daily realities of running a business. There is, however, some potential for direct impact from a changing fed funds rate—particularly on any small business intending to... READ MORE

7 Ways to Create Great Content

Most people first design their websites and then think about what content to add. However, just because most people approach building an online business this way doesn’t mean it’s the best approach. It might seem counterintuitive, but you should plan your content before designing your website. By knowing what you’re going to say on your website,... READ MORE