BUSINESSTOWN Month: May 2020

4 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

  When it comes to social media, companies usually spend time thinking about Facebook and Instagram. But for many brands, the most important platform is LinkedIn. If you aren’t making an effort to optimize your LinkedIn company page, you’re missing out on a chance to grow your brand. 4 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company... READ MORE

Unpaid Internships: What You Really Need to Know

Unpaid business internships: they seem like an obvious win for your business. But, proceed judiciously before you launch an unpaid internship program to, say, help with a spike in summer business or to cover for regular employees going on vacation. There are federal and, in many cases, state regulations you must follow, and failure to... READ MORE

What I Learned from Making and Losing $10,000 in Amazon Commissions in Ten Days

Have you ever wondered why so many websites link to products on Amazon? When I first started out, I would be browsing the internet, find some interesting article about some random products, and all the links would take me directly to Amazon! These are called “affiliate links” (from Amazon Associates), and it can be an... READ MORE

Building Your Own Personal Brand

In the dynamic world of social media, you need to humanize your interactions with your audience and make them feel important. Personalizing your mission statement in order to reach out to potential customers can do wonders for your brand. The brand image that your company portrays is the amalgamation of your business’s identity incorporating all... READ MORE

Steps to Take Before You Quit Your Job and Become an Entrepreneur

Millions of people around the world spend many hours each week dreaming about how it would feel to hand in their resignation at work and walk away to do their own thing. However, while it’s a lovely idea to think about, the reality can be quite different from the dream and end up causing a... READ MORE