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Unique Selling Proposition
"Positioning is about making your offering different from, and more valuable than, your competitors' offerings--and placing that idea in the minds of a target group of customers. Positioning attracts customers by creating a positive and unique identity for your company and its offerings."

Promotions: Do They Have a Place
"When your mechanic sends you a coupon for a discount on an oil change, or your local coffee shop rewards you with a free cup of coffee every tenth time you buy, you're seeing a promotional program at work."

Developing Media Plans
"The largest category in your advertising budget is likely to be your media costs--the dollars you spend for air time on radio or for ad space in newspapers, magazines, and more."

Tips on Negotiating Rates
"Prices for print advertising are fixed, as the print media can be flexible in matching supply with demand. They have expandable space; if they sell more advertising than usual, they can print more pages."

BizBuyer Promotional Products
Get competitive quotes from multiple vendors that can fulfill your unique needs for promotional products.

Featured Book

Streetwise Do-It-Yourself Advertising
Never before has it been easier for small business managers to create their own advertising! Do-It-Yourself Advertising helps you to develop marketing plans, choose promotions, create direct mail pieces, and produce great ads that will get results! You'll get the competitive advantage of putting today's hottest marketing techniques to work for your business--without the cost of hiring an ad agency!
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Web Resources

Adweek Online
Good article about the nature and future of billboard advertising.

Adweek Online
This year will probably be the biggest year for online advertising spending.

American Association of Advertising Agencies
You can pick from a list of hundreds of links to advertising agencies.

Canton Chamber of Commerce
A good page about what to look for when selecting an advertising agency.

Interpublic Group, Inc.
Provides links to Interpublic's subsidiary companies which are advertising agencies.

The Marketing Wizard
A good starting point for overall advertising and marketing strategies.

Michael Stewart
Contains detailed information on econometrics, the study of the effectiveness of advertising.

MJM WorldWide
Article about how to find and select an advertising agency or public relations firm.

University of Texas at Austin
A comprehensive dictionary of advertising terms.

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