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- Ask Bob About Newspaper Advertising - Streetwise Tips on Newspaper Advertising

"Newspaper advertising can be profitable, but all too often, it isn't. This is especially true for small businesses. "

The Lowdown on Newspaper Advertising
"Newspaper advertising is often a double-edged sword. It can provide you with exposure and leads, but your response rate will probably be less than overwhelming in comparison to other advertising mediums such as direct mail or broadcast advertising."

Writing Your Own Gem
"Headline ... Copy length ... Comparison ... Benefits ... Closing."

Featured Book

Streetwise Do-It-Yourself Advertising
Never before has it been easier for small business managers to create their own advertising! Do-It-Yourself Advertising helps you to develop marketing plans, choose promotions, create direct mail pieces, and produce great ads that will get results! You'll get the competitive advantage of putting today's hottest marketing techniques to work for your business--without the cost of hiring an ad agency!
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Web Resources

Includes good advice on how to run an ad, how to write/design an ad, and how to get the most for your money.

Adweek Online
This article describes innovations in newspaper advertising and predicts good growth.

Creative Empire
An all purpose creative advertising site that includes lists of ad agencies, links to radio stations' Web sites, and links to cable networks home pages.

Honey & Associates, Inc.
Advertising agency that offers graphic design services in addition to regular radio and print ad services.

Media Logic
An advertising agency that creates television, radio, and multimedia advertising programs, as well as offering related public relations and graphic design services.

Newspaper National Network
Provides contact information for the ad-buying department of the Newspaper Association of America.

Newspaper Association of America
Information describing the benefits of newspaper advertising to attract business.

Newspapers Online
Collection of newspapers from around the world, provides direct links to hundreds of newspaper Web sites.

Advertising agency that offers advertising services for magazine, newspapers, direct mail, Internet and summations on the benefits of these different advertising media.

* Source Streetwise Small Business Start-Up

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