10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Here are Bob Adams’s 10 Ways to Build Traffic to Your Website:

  1. Choose a compelling URL. This will help people remember your website. It may make them more likely to save the website link, such as on the front page of the computer. And it will improve your placement in search engine results. Finally, it will give your website, and hence your business, a more credible and powerful feel.
  2. Build a substantive enough website and design it well enough so that visitors will want to return and also will be likely to recommend it to others.
  3. Nurture in-bound links from other websites. In addition to directly building traffic, this will increase both your search engine placement and your stature for people who check on your link profile.
  4. Write compelling headlines and subheads that pull visitors into your site.
  5. Include the website address in all of your marketing, from your business card to the voice mail on your phone. On any Internet or email advertising or communication, include live links. Even include the website on such items as invoices and statements.
  6. Use social media to promote the website.
  7. Build a database and email your list, reminding them about your website. When people get an email from a website, they usually don’t even read the email; instead, it reminds them to go back and visit the website.
  8. Carefully test some advertising on Internet search engines.
  9. Test some banner ads on highly relevant websites.
  10. Create an email newsletter and social media updates that refer readers to your website for more information. Even better, have some “teaser headlines” leading back to the website.

This is just a starting point. There are countless other ways to promote your website as well. But before you spend a lot of effort marketing your website make sure it is a website worthy of the time and energy!

About Bob Adams

Bob Adams is a Harvard MBA serial entrepreneur. He has started over a dozen businesses including one that he launched with $1500 and sold for $40 million. He has written 17 books and created 52 online courses for entrepreneurs. Bob also founded BusinessTown, the go-to learning platform for starting and running a business.