Books to help you start and manage your business.

The Good News
A consulting practice can be all that you dream it can be. Just some of the things that it will provide you are: Opportunity, Freedom, Financial rewards, Flexibility, and Satisfaction.

Challenges and Obstacles
Getting your first assignment, Financial Uncertainty, Gaps between assignments, Timing, Lack of control, New skills sets are required...

Hot Growth Areas for Consultants
Virtually all industrial areas and some governmental areas in the U.S. will be using an increasing amount of consulting services. Consulting has been one of the fastest growing professions in the '90s.

Success Criteria
One difference between a career in corporate life and operating your own consulting practice is that it's personal--the business is YOU!

E-commerce Consulting
An E-commerce Consultant can jumpstart your e-business strategy and implementation.

Featured Book

Streetwise Independent Consulting
is your one-stop resource for starting, running, and growing a consulting business. From finding new prospects, to writing proposals, to setting your pricing, this book has it all! You'll get expert advice from David Kintler, a highly successful consultant. And you'll get Streetwise insight on what problems to look out for and how to handle those unexpected issues that tend to pop up in the real world. Every aspect of consulting is covered.
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