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* Best candidate

Be careful to hire the best candidate for the job—not merely the most talented job seeker. In other words, just because somebody has a more polished-looking resume or is more articulate at the job interview doesn’t mean that he or she is necessarily a better worker. Some people, for example, become very good at job hunting because they or their employers are never happy about their work!

* References

Be leery of putting too much weight on positive references. Virtually everyone has some positive references. Sometimes people even give positive references for people they have fired because they fear legal action, want to get them off unemployment because their company is indirectly paying for it, or just want to “help out” the job candidate.

* Second interviews

Conduct at least two interviews with a candidate before hiring him or her, especially if the position is very important. Candidates often relax and let their guard down somewhat during a second interview. This will give you a chance to “meet” the real person. It is entirely possible that you will get a different impression of a candidate during a second interview. Sometimes, a candidate will even respond differently to the same questions asked at the first interview!

* Two interviewers

Just when I think I’ve been doing pretty well at hiring people, I make a big hiring mistake that, in retrospect, I should have realized in advance. It happens to everyone. Hiring is not a perfect process. It is highly subjective and based on a good deal of soft information. So, whenever possible, have at least one other person carefully interview the final candidates for a position. You may to surprised with a fresh perspective.

* Set questions

Although it will take a time investment, you should have a strong list of questions ready before you begin interviewing a candidate. When interviewing multiple candidates for the same position, ask the same questions of each prospect in exactly the same manner. This will allow you to fairly compare candidate responses.

* Source Streetwise Small Business Start-Up

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