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The Reachable Stars: Online Astrologers


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The Reachable Stars: Online Astrologers

For most people, the three-line horoscope in their daily newspaper is a quick hit of “what if” fantasy entertainment. Most of us cannot help but speculate when the reading fits our lives in some way, such as the irony of a long-distance friend calling the day your horoscope said you’ll hear news from afar. Perhaps your horoscope says you will win the lottery, travel looms large, or your talent will be appreciated. The American Federation of Astrologers estimates that 70 million Americans start the day reading their horoscope in the morning newspaper.

Astrologers have been making a living by reading the planets since before the Middle Ages. When the computer came along their work of plotting charts through the heavens was made easier. They didn’t have to do all that math! They were able to do a reading in a few minutes rather than sit and calculate with their algebraic tools for many hours. The Internet and World Wide Web has created a boom in the astrology business and provided a global reach to the stars—and to clients.

There are more than 3,500 members of the American Federation of Astrologers’s (AFA) in this country and in fifty-six countries around the globe. The number is probably twice as high for astrologers who are not certified. The American Federation of Astrologers’s Web site ( can help a client find a reputable astrologer who has had the proper training needed to read the position of planets and stars and construct a natal or other chart. The association’s Web site also features an astrology shop, which has books and other products and gifts for those interested in the subject.

The AFA also helps the general public to understand the training and specialties that lead to AFA accreditation through its testing program. This is a way that the public can avoid being ripped off by the untrained, inexperienced, or just plain con artists.

Not all astrologers on the World Wide Web have AFA designations that indicate their level of training and experience. The AMAFA (Advanced Member American Federation of Astrology) is an advanced student who has met all the basic requirements for interpretation of basic techniques and knows how to set up a mathematically correct chart. The PMAFA (Professional Member American Federation of Astrology) is a professional who has mastered the basics and has a comprehensive and broad knowledge of the principles of signs, houses, and planets. This astrologer can do more intensive reports on events in a person’s life.

The World Wide Web has become crowded with astrologers who provide daily and monthly horoscopes and all varieties of specialized astrological reports. Some of these are simply reprints of the newspaper and magazine reports. Some information networks, such as Women’s Wire and dating services, link to astrology sites.

Many Web users are enticed into spending money at an astrological Web site for more information. It is so tempting and easy to go further and delve a little deeper with a click of the mouse. One can click into more comprehensive information without too much trouble and end up paying for some in-depth reports on the astrological future. With a simple click and users can find out more about their sun sign, get a forecast of their financial or romantic future, and get their own personalized astrological map.

C&D Byrd Enterprises ( provides visitors to its Web site with the free daily sun sign horoscope. This type of horoscope is a generic forecast, like the one in the daily newspaper, that applies to billions of people. Strengths and challenges in a person’s life can only be shown through a personalized astrology, a total reading of the planets, stars, conjunctions, and aspects at the time of birth. Believers can also learn more about others in their lives, such as a husband or friend, by buying reports on their particular astrological fix.

For $35 C&D Byrd Enterprises will give users a “Guide to Your Life,” which begins at birth and progresses into adulthood, providing special insights into love, career, relationships, and how a person feels about him or herself. These insights are meant to help a person improve their life.

For $60, they will provide a six-month “Timeline,” a daily prediction schedule based on a person’s particular sun, moon, and rising signs. For $21.95, they will provide a “friends compatibility for two persons.” This helps the client decide how to interpret the other person. Are they always at odds, or do they seem to be soul mates? The same price can provide a “romance for two persons.” Is the other person the love of your life or just another fling? Will you always be fighting, or will you sail smoothly into the sunset together?

For $15.95 or $23.95, C&D will run some numbers for six months or a year. This numerology reading lets the client know what his or her lucky numbers are. Is this the day to play the lottery or pull the covers over your head and stay in bed? A numerical profile uses the date of birth and the birth name as it appears on the birth certificate. According to C&D, this report is astoundingly accurate.

Other reports include a super power report of about twenty pages, which contains the most powerful aspects from the complete story of your life report. That story, about fifty to sixty pages, is a complete natal reading and is available by snail mail only. Most other reports are sent via e-mail.

The great lifestyle planner will guide visitors through the ups and downs of their life and help them learn that timing is everything. This report includes about twenty pages a month for a fee. The Venus file is meant to give clients insight into romantic life, with a detailed report of about 15 pages to help enhance or preview a relationship.

Another online astrologer, Ad Ze Mixxe (, is a syndicated columnist and frequent TV and radio show guest. He is also an active full-time astrologer, intent on perfecting the art and science of astrology. AdZe prefers to send reports via e-mail, and in fact, charges clients half the price he charges for hard copy sent via snail mail.

A disclaimer at the end of AdZe’s Web site claims the information is for entertainment purposes only. And entertaining it is. The site is a veritable circus of possibilities, with options to take a tour, visit the mart, and check out the stars—or their bios—for the day. Additionally, one can see who the hot couples are, buy some greeting cards, read the zine or the almanac, visit the oracle or the clubhouse, or click on the links. AdZe’s Web site has all sorts of enticements such as color personality, readings by Da Juana, psychic phenomenon, the year’s predictions, and more.

American Astrology magazine said, “AdZe MiXXe has a novel understanding of astrological principles. Most people will find his report to be both illuminating and thought provoking. What is remarkable is how comprehensive and accurate his analysis is.”

There are different specialties in astrology, such as Vedic astrology, which originates from the scriptures of ancient India. Vedic astrologers offer tips on healing the body, mind, and soul, in addition to the horoscope, but weighs looking toward self analysis and positive development. The Web site of vedic astrologer StarTeller offers to answer questions about health or marital problems, interpret dreams, and analyze a signature. There are also compatibility reports and elaborate life predictions.

Express StarTeller ( is a Web version of a monthly print magazine. The magazine deals with trends in astrology, remedies for health and relationships, and spiritual healing.

StarTeller offers free advice to subscribers on general information, but charges fees for specialized reports. The site also sells advertising and has Web links to related sites.

Astrology Zone is a savvy site founded by a photographer’s agent with an interest in astrology and it became so popular that it lead to a lucrative book deal and television appearances for its founder. Astrology Zone is found at

There are almost as many directories of astrologers as there are astrologers online. Calling itself the “ultimate source” is this astrology site: Astronet ( had some help from America Online when it started in 1995. It is estimated that 300,000 people a day read their horoscopes there and AOL claims the site is one of their most popular features. Then, there is a site for pets at If money is what you are after, check the horoscope at If you are looking for a star-crossed lover, is the place to go.

For people who value astrological predictions and analysis, the possibilities are astronomical! Wonder what they predict about online astrology business? Astrologers on the World Wide Web don’t need a daily sun sign horoscope to predict they will come into some money!

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