Leadership in SAFe Hands

The team behind the Scaled Agile Framework launched version 4 of SAFe to much fanfare. It was highly talked about for having extensive and grand scale refinements as well as a lot of new content, resources and guidance that would help enterprises organize better around delivering value, developing systems that include solutions for both hardware and software, and better coordinating development teams working towards improving the delivery of large scale value streams.

What does the new framework offer?

The new framework also offers a new Safe4.0 Advanced scrum master certification so that professionals may familiarize themselves with this new standard and equip themselves with the right knowledge and tools that they may need to properly take care of business. The alliance,in turn, shared documentation about how to migrate from the old version 3 framework over to the newer version 4 framework in a way that the new advancements may benefit them more clearly. SAFe version 4 is said to incorporate a greater focus on learning from the previous releases, including the SAFe foray into Lean System Engineering development branches.

All of the best practices from these versions and methodologies were all understood and incorporated into a single, more modular and more saleable framework that has its eye on the future while learning from the past. In fact, it’s easy to see how well it works when we see all the issues and gaps in previous versions of SAFe which have been patched in the new system. This makes for both a seamless integration for new processes as well as providing a seamless transition for existing ones.

What Can You do to implement SAFe 4.0 in Your Workplace

However, we advise that professionals who would be working with teams in this transition take some Safe4.0 Advanced scrum master courses so that they better understand the differences and the paths for migration from older systems. In fact, when implementing SAFe 4.0, it is also very important that professionals go through some form of Safe4.0 Advanced scrum master training at every level so that the change is smooth.

SAFe version 4 indeed has a broader set of capabilities and competencies and thus to incorporate all of them, the framework was donned with a new name: SAFe version 4 for Lean Software and Systems Engineering. All of this has come together to make for a very interesting framework indeed.

How to Update Your Certification

One of the best parts of SAFe version 4 is that along with the new 4.0 content that it includes, it has a lot of updates for the 3.0 content as well. This means that there are a lot of new things to learn which means you need trained SPCs. To make this entire certification process easy, there are a lot of materials and resources as well as ways to study up to be a Safe4.0 Advanced scrum master online. This means that while there is an initial learning curve, it is a forgiving one and invites professionals to come and learn more about the platform.

There are, in fact, paths for professionals to upgrade their previous certifications with relative ease through their intermediate certifications. The idea behind the new version was to help the professional as well as supporting organizations understand all the benefits that SAFe was designed to deliver a lot more easily. The framework has indeed evolved over time to deliver more and more on the initial promises and 4.0 is one of the most profound improvements yet.

Professionals across the world are looking to get certified in SAFe version 4 as it means they would be on the bleeding edge of Scaled Agile, which is something that companies are finding more and more attractive these days.