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Sample Direct Mail Letter

775 Ranchero Parkway - Texastown - TX 76010
(800) 555-555

January 6, 1996

Ms. Jane Doe
123 Park Lane
Texasville, TX 75237

Dear Ms. Doe:

How would you like to save 20 percent on your computer purchases?

The Springfield Bank/Starlight Computer credit card saves you money on your computer purchases.

“My small business purchases were made with the Springfield Bank/Starlight Computer credit card and I built up enough credits to save 20 percent on my computer equipment.” – Ken Turman, President, Truman Consulting, Springfield, Texas
This credit card works just like every other credit card with one big exception: it saves you money. Every time you use the Springfield Bank/Starlight Computer credit card, you earn credits toward your next purchase of Starlight Computer equipment.

Call (800) 555-5555 now to receive your Springfield Bank/Starlight Computer credit card. An operator will take your information and process your application within 48 hours. Then you can start earning credits that will save you money!

[ signature ]

Harold Walker Vice President of Marketing

P.S. If you sign up before December 31, you will receive a free gift from Springfield Bank!

A sales letter should include your company logo, name, and address. You can have a printer print your letter on your existing letterhead stock, print the letter in combination with your standard letterhead design, or print a letterhead that has been specifically designed for your direct mail piece.

Many direct mail pieces, particularly those mailed by local businesses, do not personalize each letter. Instead the letter begins with a generic introduction, such as Dear Sir or Dear Madam. If you are using a generic introduction, do try to personalize as much as possible with greetings, such as Dear Boston Resident or Dear Computer User. It is preferable to address the letter to a specific person, but it will add to the cost and the complexity of the mailing. If you are buying your mailing list from a large mailing list company, they can provide you with names and addresses on a computer disk. Most mailing houses will be able to print personalized letters using this disk for an additional charge.

Grab the reader's attention in the first sentence. This is the most important part of the letter. Unless your first sentence is highly compelling, most readers will not continue reading the letter.

Focus on benefits
You want to focus on the benefits of your product in the body of the letter. Your product has many features that your customers will ask about, but it is the benefits that will sell them. A feature is anything in-herent to your product. A benefit is what your customer derives from the product.

A testimonial can be used to add credibility to your company and your product or service. The most important aspect of the testimonial is the person who offers it. Make sure the person is someone the reader will respect.

Highlight key phrases
Keep the reader's attention. Some readers will skim through your letter and could miss the most important points. Highlight key phrases that stress benefits to keep the reader interested in your product.

Call to action
Call your readers to action. They need to feel like they should act quickly or they will lose the offer. Make it easy for the readers to act, by listing a toll-free order number or includ-ing a postage-paid reply card.

Add a postscript
Add a postscript at the end of the letter. Many readers skip to the end of the letter for the "bottom line." A grabber "P.S." statement will ensure that your message isn't lost.

* Source Streetwise Small Business Start-Up

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