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The Lowdown On Trade Shows

There are many compelling reasons for attending trade shows. Donít view them as just an opportunity to write orders for your product. In fact, in many industries, few orders are taken on the trade show floor. The real reason for trade show attendance is company and product awareness and promotion.

Trade shows are a proven method for successfully introducing new product lines or unveiling seasonal offerings to consumers or distributors. They can even be terrific venues for launching a completely new business.

Another important role of the trade show is as a means to presell your product line. At some postshow date, when a sales representative or telemarketer calls on a prospective customer or when a direct mail piece is received by a potential client, the prospects are more likely to respond. This is because they have prior knowledge of your company and your product.

All in all, trade shows open the doors and pave the road to building strong future relationships with current and new customers, sales representatives, distributors, media people, and other influential players in your marketplace.

Before attending a trade show, however, carefully outline your objectives. Why are you participating?

Then plan a strategy that seeks to meet your goals.

* Source Streetwise Small Business Start-Up

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