Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop: How Virtual Meetings Have Evolved

When it comes to the current landscape of business, there are more than enough hurdles to climb. The good news is that with the rise in technology, everyone is able to compete on any and every given landscape and front. However, this can also be seen as a somewhat negative because with the increased levels of competition across the globe, there are also a tremendous number of problems associated with squeezing margins and costs needing to be lower in order to compete. One development that has had a huge impact in the market is virtual meetings, and these are the reasons why.

All Hurdles Are Cleared

It used to be that virtual meetings were clunky and hard to navigate. Not only did you have problems even establishing a connection over the internet (let alone maintaining one), but you also had to deal with the fact that delays were great, lag times were long, and the amount of time that you happened to save on commuting and travel were actually lost due to the long pauses within the meeting itself. If you were ever able to complete a virtual meeting, then it seemed like nothing was accomplished because of the lack of actual interaction. The idea was there, but the technology was not.

Now it seems like the only real complaints that are left over with respect to virtual meetings, according to Forbes, are the same problems that individuals face in natural meetings. In short, the critics are grasping at straws. That means as much as people may not be comfortable with virtual meetings in general, virtual meetings are actually just as effective (if not more effective) than the actual meetings that people still attend these days.

Everything Goes Everywhere

One of the greatest accomplishments of videoconferencing is the fact that the video portion is actually mobile. You can conference from your office, or your home office, or even from a beach if you have the connection and the reception. The great thing about certain video conferencing systems for IT is that when you can find a place to connect and set up your temporary business, you are completely able to log in and be a part of the meeting regardless of where you actually happen to be.

This new technology is bringing people together because while the old virtual meeting used to be no better than sitting in front of a slow-moving picture and a phone conference call, the current video conferencing option means you can tap into the power of meeting others without having to schedule your entire day around the meeting. Finally, meetings have started to become a part of the operation and fit into the rest of the day nicely instead of becoming a wedge within your work objectives that pushes other things to the side.

Connectivity Is the New Norm

It used to be that people saw a videoconferencing as a fun way to tap into a new technology without actually accomplishing anything. That being said, there are actually more than enough ways to use videoconferencing these days to get ahead within the organization that don’t just involve cost saving measures. According to the Harvard Business Review, there is a tremendous number of successes that can occur in any meeting, but more connectivity and inclusion is happening in online business meetings all of the time. The cyber world allows for connections to be made.

There are obviously some best tips and practices to follow in case you want to get the most out of your specific meeting and objective, but when you are trying to encourage collaboration and teamwork within the workplace, you should be comfortable with the fact that online meetings are becoming more common all of the time. And, when you include the high-definition options, the call capability to have multiple parties view the system at once, and even things like screen-share functions, there really is no excuse not to connect with others in the new technology.

While the world of online videoconferencing will only continue to improve over time, there are absolutely enough positive signs for anyone to be able to see why videoconferencing has evolved into a powerful cornerstone of business communications in such a short time. Not only are more and more companies starting to count on it above all other new technologies in the field, but there are also even more bright spots that are yet to come as the world of videoconferencing continues to get updates, facelifts, and even refinements with faster and smarter capabilities all of the time.