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"Even if you won't receive many customers in your office, put a little extra effort into the entrance of your office."

Streetwise Tips on Commercial Office
" Every entrepreneur who looks at office space for the first time is tempted to spend more money than anticipated or budgeted. Resist! You will need that extra cash to get you through start-up or growing pains. "

Considering Commercial Space
" Moving into a commercial office space can be an exciting time for a small business owner. It signals a coming of age for a business that has outlived the usefulness of a home office. More space is needed to house new employees and more equipment, and to conduct meetings, conferences, and product demonstrations. "

Considering Commercial Office Space Usage
" You have three basic choices in office floor plans: division by partition, open office, or individual, closed rooms. A combination of any of these floor plans is also a possibility. "

Featured Book

Streetwise Small Business Start-Up
When you start a small business you soon discover that things just don't happen in the real world the way they tell you in business textbooks: Invoices don't get paid by their due dates, ads don't consistently bring in customers, sales don't continually rise, and profits aren't always there. In this book, small business maverick Bob Adams shows you how things really get done, and acts as your mentor by providing instant access to streetwise advice on every small business topic.
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Web Resources

A detailed page of helpful hints to consider when buying a computer.

NSL Associates
Offers some good advice on what issues to address when purchasing computer equipment for your small business.

Small Business Administration
Listing of property for sale by the SBA ranging from commercial lots and farms to single family dwellings.

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