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- Ask Bob About communication - Streetwise Tips on communication
"Communication will be stronger and people will work together better if you can standardize communication methods."

Communications Skills
Communication is a two-way operation that involves sending and receiving signals. Empowered communicators learn to receive signals so they can be proactive rather than reactive to what they send.

Improving Communication
"A few months ago I had lunch with one of my favorite professors from Harvard Business School, Bill Bruns. Bill told me about a fascinating research project he was working on to study internal communications at some of Europe's largest and most progressive companies."

The Rules of Success
Everyone know the three rules of real estate. location, location, location! In business the three rules of success are: communication, communication, communication!

Motivational Communication Scenarios
Communication is the heart and soul of motivating employees. Employees are demotivated when they are unsure of manager expectations and priorities.

Management by Walking Around
This communication style is wonderful for managers who are actively engaged in the day-to-day activities of the business. This approach works well when a manager has made a commitment to spend a dedicated amount of time on the floor with the employees or in various employee offices each day.

Featured Book

Streetwise Managing people
People are the heart and soul of any business. In order for your business to truly succeed, it's vital that you manage them effectively. "Managing People" will show you just how easy this process can be! Whether you're looking for ways to deal with problem employees or strategies to keep the whole team happy; "Managing People" is the key. Everything you need to know is here!
Web Resources

The Business Journal
Article addressing why "good employee communication is critical"

Communications for Management, Inc
Consulting service for business communications offers an evaluation of your employee communication program.

Service that provides an employee communication system to improve motivation and reduce turnover.

Let Your Employees Know Their Important
Key points to insuring you're communicating clearly with you employees.

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Motivation      Communication      Compensation      Firing Employees
Performance Reviews    Problem Employees

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