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The Lowdown on Working With Problem Employees
" Virtually all people want to succeed at work. They want to offer their best and get along well with their managers, supervisors, and coworkers. When shortcomings or problems arise, they can usually be overcome with some additional instruction or coaching, or with a positive, but frank, discussion of the issues at hand. "

An Employee Who Lacks Skills
" First try to ascertain if the employee really lacks the skills necessary for the satisfactory performance of his or her duties, or if another issue is negatively affecting his or her ability to perform. Often, when a manager assumes that someone cannot do a job for lack of skill, the real problem is actually centered on sloppiness. "

An Employee Who Works at a Slow Pace
" A slow work pace can be among the most difficult problems to resolve unless you have standards or goals against which to compare actual performance. "

An Employee Who Is Sloppy
" Sloppiness is one of the most common workplace problems. Examples include missing errors when proofreading company literature, mispacking orders, entering shipping addresses incorrectly, and performing inaccurate accounting work. "

An Employee Who Is Difficult To Manage
"An employee who is difficult to manage can make your life absolutely miserable. They can be every bit as disruptive to the forward progress of your company as an employee who lacks the skills or initiative to do the job well. "

An Employee Who Is Tardy
" Many good, hardworking people have a tendency to be habitually late. Unless being precisely on time is crucially important, donít bring up the tardiness issue with an employee who is occasionally late."

Featured Book

Streetwise Managing people
People are the heart and soul of any business. In order for your business to truly succeed, it's vital that you manage them effectively. "Managing People" will show you just how easy this process can be! Whether you're looking for ways to deal with problem employees or strategies to keep the whole team happy; "Managing People" is the key. Everything you need to know is here!
Web Resources

Australian Computer Society
Provides information on performing reviews for technical employees, highlighting pitfalls and solutions.

ETP Inc.
Offers Employee assistance programs to help improve work performance through solving employee problems.
Article on how to make your business a drug free workplace, providing "do & don't" and other resources.

Hoffmann Detectives
Presents a case of a problem employee that was stealing from the company.

Jernberg Corporation
Service to help employees deal with personal problems that may be effecting job performance.

Professionals Online
Sell a software template for creating employee policy manual for you business.

Small Business Administration
Aricle in the SBA's Volume 6 on proactive measures for combating drug use in the workplace.

The SOHO Guidebook
Information explaining the disadvantages and advantages to a progressive discipline approach to dealing with a problem employee.

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Motivation      Communication      Compensation      Firing Employees
Performance Reviews    Problem Employees

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