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- Ask Bob About Firing Employees - Streetwise Tips on Firing Employees
"Treat the employee you are firing as kindly as possible during the termination process. This is a very traumatic experience for them."

The Lowdown on Firing Employees
" Of all confrontations with an employee, the response you get from firing someone is the most difficult to predict. One employee may thank you for giving him or her the opportunity to work with you, while another may ... "

How to Fire an Employee
" After you have taken all of the preliminary steps, considered all of the potential ramifications, legal and otherwise, and have made the difficult decision to let someone go, stick to it. "

Severance Pay Issues
" First, by law, you need to immediately remunerate a terminated employee for any unused vacation or personal time, all regular and overtime hours worked, and previously unpaid, earned bonuses and any other earned pay. "

Legal Risks
"Thanks to your friends in the federal government, you need to carefully consider any potential termination from a legal perspective. If you arenít sure where you would stand legally should a terminated employee bring suit, consult an attorney ... "

Avoiding a Lawsuit
" The first way to avoid getting sued is to be sure that you and all other supervisors understand discrimination law. Go one step further and be sure that all supervisors really believe ... "

Hypothetical Firing Dialogue
" The following dialogue provides an excerpt from a firing that involves an employee who had sincerely tried to do his job but just hadnít been able to perform at a satisfactory level. "

Featured Book

Streetwise Managing people
People are the heart and soul of any business. In order for your business to truly succeed, it's vital that you manage them effectively. "Managing People" will show you just how easy this process can be! Whether you're looking for ways to deal with problem employees or strategies to keep the whole team happy; "Managing People" is the key. Everything you need to know is here!
Web Resources

Amarillo Business Journal
Article highlighting the risks involved with firing an employee for you and your company.

Human Resources Development Canada
Provides information on layoffs and termination's of employees; outplacement, severance and legal issues are covered. (Canada)

Institute of Real Estate Management
Complete article of issue to be considered when preparing to firing an employee.

Martin, Pringle, Oliver, Wallace & Swartz, L.L.P.
Good article discussing the best ways to avoid a lawsuit as a result of firing an employee.

Willis Corroon
Article discusses the step to processing a terminated employee, legal issues and administrative steps.

Wisconsin Lawyer
Provides an interesting article on protecting you businesses trade secrets when hiring and firing employees.

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Motivation      Communication      Compensation      Firing Employees
Performance Reviews    Problem Employees

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