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Sample Performance Review

Most performance reviews tend to go fairly smoothly if conducted properly. But some employees will become confrontational when their review is not as positive as they had expected. This can create a challenging situation for a manager. The following is a performance review dialogue centered around such a situation. Notice how the reviewer manages to stay calm, does not get sidetracked by the employee’s interruptions, and persists in carefully outlining the pluses and minuses in the employee’s performance.

Manager Hello, Kathy. Please have a seat. How are you today?

Kathy To be honest, I’m a little nervous.

Manager That’s normal. I tense up before my reviews too. Overall, Kathy, your performance throughout the year has been satisfactory. Some aspects of your performance are strong and other aspects do need improvement . . .

Kathy Satisfactory? The customer surveys indicate that customers are very happy with our customer service!

Manager That’s certainly correct! You deserve a lot of credit for the wonderful results on that survey! Not only does it reflect on your ability to provide high-quality service, but it also reflects very well on your ability to motivate the two people who report to you and . . .

Kathy So why is my performance only satisfactory?

Manager While the quality of customer service is very high, efficiency has fallen and your department is way over budget. We have discussed this throughout the year, and as you know, we have had to add temps during the busier periods to keep up with the calls.

Kathy I know we are slightly over budget, but my job is to keep customers happy and there’s no question about how happy they are . . .

Manager Primarily because of the temps we’ve ended up a full 23 percent over budget. Our average number of calls handled per customer service person has fallen from twelve per hour last year to just under nine this year. That’s a falloff of over 25 percent. You do need to work at improving the quantity of calls handled.

* Source Streetwise Small Business Start-Up

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