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- Ask Bob About Strategy - Streetwise Tips on Strategy
"Don't forget to reinforce your strategy-your competitive edge-in the minds of your customers on a continual basis as well."

Fine-Tuning Strategy
" Strategy isn't just a buzzword that MBAs at huge corporations use to sound intelligent! "

Why Develop Strategy
" All firms, from one-person start-ups to global conglomerates, should have a strategy. Following a good, distinctive strategy will ensure that a business builds, maintains, and continually strengthens a specific identity in the marketplace. "

Creating Strategy
" While the possible elements of a successful strategy are limitless, here are some of the most common ones. Many strategies will include several of these elements. "

Featured Book

Streetwise Complete Business Plan
You probably know it's time to create a business plan - but maybe you've been putting it off because it can be a daunting task. Well that task just got a lot easier! With Adams Streetwise Complete Business Plan you'll have a great business plan in very little time. A plan that brings your thoughts together in an organized manner, sets a single strategic direction for your business, and determines your financial needs.
Regular price: $17.95
Web Resources

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Sells consulting service that analysis, and advice on business strategy.

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Strategic management consulting service site includes articles on business strategy.

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Provider of strategic planning consulting, seminars and software for business.

Small Business Administration
A quick quiz to test your market awareness and success probability.

Strategy & Business
Provides articles and issues on planning and managing a business strategy.

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