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- Ask Bob On Face to Face Selling - Streetwise Tips on Face to Face Selling
"The most important key to sales success isn't sales talent or experience. It's enthusiasm for your product or service."

The importance of face to face selling
" Face-to-face selling can require a lot of time, energy, and expense, but the payoff can be tremendous. Despite all of the new high-tech alternatives, an in-person sales presentation is the single most powerful marketing tool in use today. "

Choose the Right Sales Force
" One of the most crucial decisions you make is how to sell your products or services. "

Customer-Focused Selling
" When you're selling, you've got to leave behind the focus on your business and your products and focus instead on your customer and your customer's needs. "

BizBuyer for Sales Leads
Upon approval as a vendor, increase your sales by reaching a validated customer base with customized quotes.

Featured Book

Streetwise Customer-Focused Selling
In today's marketplace, traditional selling techniques don't always work. Buyers don't want to hear about all the fancy features of your product or service. They want to know how it will help their business.

"Customer-Focused Selling" shifts you away from the traditional selling techniques of manipulation, tactics, and scripting to help you truly connect with your customers. Sales will go up not because you are pushing your "stuff," but because you are closely working with your customer to solve their problems and deliver results. Regular price: $17.95

Web Resources

Advice and a sample dialog for make cold sales calls on potential new customers.

Sells software to automate your sales force by providing them all the support information they need through a laptop.

Sells technology enabled sales tools to improve the effectiveness of face to face sales efforts.

Sales Success Systems
Sales training services offers tips for how to improve your sales techniques.

Total Selling Systems
Articles highlighting six step to increasing sales for your business.

Value Based Selling Consulting
Consulting service offering articles and ROI and cost justification software tools to improve sales performance.

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