Why You Should Hire Passionate Sales Reps

  Most sales reps can't share your enthusiasm for your business. Learn why you should hire reps who can and will.


So why does having a founder do sales seem so much easier up front, but when you bring somebody to try and sell for you, it usually falls flat?

We call this the founder’s dilemma. When a founder comes in and starts a business, they’re usually very passionate about what they do and they know everything about their product or service. So when they go out there and start talking to people, usually talking to friends, families, people were open to discussion, and because they deliver their message and their product and explain it so passionately, those people tend to buy into it.

So we have a friendly audience and somebody delivering it very passionately, and then they think “well, this is easy to sell, but it’s a sellable product. So why don’t I go out and hire sales reps and go out and select other stuff.” Well usually then you hire sales reps and they go out there and try to sell this and it just falls flat. The reason is to sales the transfer of enthusiasm.

Hire Someone with Drive and Passion

As the founder, you are enthusiastic about what you’re selling, and so that enthusiasm transfers over to the person that you’re talking to, but when you hire a sales rep, they’re usually just selling it to make money or whatever, so have to get them to buy into it. You have to get them to be passionate about it. that’s why the number one thing you should hire as a founder is somebody who has drive and passion because if they have drive and passion in some other area of their life, you can then use that to transfer and get them to be passionate about your product and service.

Get Them To Believe In Your Company

You can’t teach drive, you can’t teach passion. You have to hire it and then you get them to believe in your company. So really get them to go on customer site visits. You educate them on the business market, the areas, the problems it solves, and get them to believe in your company because then they can go out there and transfer that enthusiasm as they go out and sell.

About John Barrows

John Barrows currently provides sales training and consulting services to some of the world’s leading companies like Salesforce.com, Linkedin, Apttus, DropBox, Box and many others.  His previous experiences span all aspects of Sales at every level from making 400 cold calls a week doing inside sales to running sales as a VP for his first start up and selling it to Staples.  

He’s an active sales professional who has learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work in Sales and loves sharing the tips and techniques he has found to have had an impact along the way. His main goal is to improve the overall education and quality of Sales by sharing ideas and techniques that work.

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