Books to help you start and manage your business.
- Ask Bob About Taxes - Streetwise Tips on Taxes
"Too many small businesses view their tax bills like trade debts and delay paying taxes during cash crunches. Invariably, they regret this decision."

The Lowdown on Taxes
" Why can paying taxes be fun? Because they are more fun than going through an audit! "

Employment Taxes
" Employment taxes ... Whether you have one employee or a hundred, you will be way ahead of the game if you get an outside firm to handle your filings and payroll taxes. "

Sales Taxes
" Collecting sales taxes ... In most states and in many cities, you must collect sales taxes on applicable sales. Generally, sales taxes apply on the sale of just about anything to just about anyone. "

Use Taxes
" Use taxes ... Use taxes basically mean that a business that buys items from out-of-state vendors, which are not collecting ... "

Income Taxes
Income taxes ... In the United States your business, if incorporated, must file and pay federal income taxes, state income taxes in most states, and local income taxes

Other Taxes
Property taxes ... Of course, you will have to pay real estate taxes on any real estate that you or your business owns.

Best Business Accountants
Get quotes from qualified accountants that compete for your business within hours, not days.

Featured Book

Streetwise Small Business Start-Up
When you start a small business you soon discover that things just don't happen in the real world the way they tell you in business textbooks: Invoices don't get paid by their due dates, ads don't consistently bring in customers, sales don't continually rise, and profits aren't always there. In this book, small business maverick Bob Adams shows you how things really get done, and acts as your mentor by providing instant access to streetwise advice on every small business topic.
Regular price: $17.95
Web Resources

Article advising caution before you take a home-office deduction when filing with the IRS.

The Internal Revenue Service
Contains excellent tax-related information for businesses, including frequently asked questions, various tax regulations and rules, recommended reading, and much more.

National Association for the Self Employed (NASE)
Specific guidelines to help you determine if your home office space qualifies for a tax deduction.

Nolo Press
Answers to frequently asked questions about small business taxes.
Information on how to obtain a federal employer identification number.

Small business Taxes & Management
Provides tips and information on issues relation to taxes for your business.

The Social Security Administration
Provides information on how to file your employees' W2 forms, including common problems and how to avoid them, plus important dates to remember.

Through a cooperative effort between The Social Security Administration, The Department of Labor, The Internal Revenue Service, and The Small Business Administration; special business tax and wage reporting issues are addressed.

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