Time Management

Books to help you start and manage your business.
"Just as a well-run business follows a budget in spending money, an effective businessperson should also follow a budget (or schedule) in spending time."

Control Your Time
"I bet I could have cut back on many of the seventy-, eighty-, and ninety-hour weeks that I've put in over the years, if I'd been more systematic and rigorous in managing time!"

Can You Really Manage Time?
We define time management as a personal rather than a social issue in our culture. Stressed out? Too busy? That's your problem. Take care of it. Or don't.

Limits to the Traditional Time Management Approach
"You can gain extra minutes and even hours every day by following these tips from a time management expert," the article in the tabloid newspaper announces.

The Secret of Time Management Revealed
Life is full of urgencies that really don't make any difference in the long run (or even in the short run, for that matter). Yes, you're four minutes late for that department meeting.

Five Reasons Why We Procrastinate and Strategies to Put Off Putting Off
When I teach a workshop for would-be and beginning novelists, I often start by asking why they want to write a novel. Such an extended project demands a huge commitment of time, energy, and emotion, after all.

What Are You Really Living For?
"I wish I'd spent more time at the office."History has never recorded these as anyone's last words. I'm fairly sure it never will. "I wish I'd spent more time with my family" is a much more likely deathbed sentiment.

Having Trouble Saving Time?
Save time by receiving customized quotes from qualified vendors for your business purchasing needs.

Featured Book

Adams Time Management
Everyone who works wishes there were more hours in the day, so that they could do their job right. But the secret isn't in working more hours - instead, you need to learn to use the time you already have more efficiently and effectively.

Contrary to popular belief, effective time management is not based on doing more things in less time. That's just not going to happen. "Time Management" is about doing the right things better.

"Time Management" shows you how to organize your valuable time to make sure the things you need to make happen get done.

Web Resources

Harold Taylor
Time management consultant providing articles available to be download on request.

Supplies the answers to frequently asked questions about time management.

Mind Tools
Complete guide to developing time management skills.

The Residential Sales Council
Tips for improving your time management plus an interesting look at what it really cost you when you're not being productive.

Sterling Design
Offers courses in strategic time management to help business improve productivity and profits.

University of Michigan
Article discussing hints for successful time management.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Provides thirteen tips for more effectively managing your time, get more done in less time.

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