Valuing a Business

Books to help you start and manage your business.

Simple Valuation Guidelines
" An extremely well-established and steady business with a rock-solid market position, whose continued earnings will not be dependent upon a strong management team. "

Valuation Techniques  New!
If you are analyzing a privately owned company, there are often a number of items on the financial statements that have to be adjusted or recast in order to understand the real earning power of the company.

Multiple of Earnings
Book Value
Discounted Cash Flow
Service Companies
Using Business Appraisers
Common Sense
Other Valuation Techniques
Featured Book

The Small Business Valuation Book
Determining the value of a small business can seem like an obscure and incomprehensible art form of interest only to potential buyers and sellers, and only when a business is about to change hands. The situation is complicated by the fact that there are a number of different ways to set a value on a given business. The Small Business Valuation Book is an invaluable resource for business owners or buyers who need to make an accurate appraisal of a small business.
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Web Resources

American Capital Strategies
Business valuation service providing articles on valuing a business.

Provides access to a database of buyers and sellers of businesses and an extensive list of brokers who help people buy, sell, or value a business.

Business Broker Web
Includes a list of businesses for sale and access to information to help you find a business broker.

Business Valuation Services, Inc.
Consulting service providing information and valuation services.
Provides a complete guide to understanding business valuations and terminology.

Smith Carr & McLane
Accounting firm specializing in business valuation offering guidelines and services.

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