10 Great New Tools for Social Media Marketing

As a digital marketer, you know that new tools are coming out all the time. The only way to find out if they work for you is to actually try them. Lists like this one can help narrow them down and give you a better idea if they will help you do your job better, more efficiently, and help you gain a high ROI. Here are 10 of the newest social media marketing tools that will help you get the job done expertly and efficiently.

1. Narro

Social media marketers and digital marketers, in general have to read a great deal to stay updated on the latest and greatest. Like tools similar to these, for instance. Narro comes in a bookmarklet, Chrome browser extension, or an app for iOS and Android. It converts text articles into audio files so you can take your reading with you and listen while on the go. This is a great way to save time and get all of your reading done when you are stuck in traffic or driving to different client appointments.

2. Newsfeed Burner

I know this is likely a problem for most social media marketers: you log into Facebook to handle a client’s page and before you know it, 30 minutes or even an hour has passed while you’re scrolling through your feed. Well, Newsfeed Burner is a great Chrome browser extension that hides your Facebook newsfeed. Your feed disappears, but you can still go to pages or groups.

3. Todobook

Todobook is another great Chrome browser extension that helps prevent you from wasting time on Facebook. Instead of completely blocking your Facebook feed, instead it replaces it with a “to do” list. It won’t disappear until you check all the items off of your list. It is a great way to stay focused and on task.

4. TwIM

This is an iOS app that is perfect if you handle a lot of Twitter direct messages. It basically works like Facebook Messenger. It gives you more control that the Twitter app and has other advanced functions in the app such as a search bar for people, emojis, text, photo, and map capabilities, URL links, and the ability to block or unblock users.

5. Just Good Copy

Whether you struggle with coming up with copy or are just having a little writer’s block, this free website offers inspiration. You can search for certain keywords or choose them the tags they have. Email copy help is just a click away!

6. TouchRetouch App

This is an easy to use app that helps you edit out unwanted things in your photos. This ensures you will always have that perfect, professional looking photo to share free of photobombers, out of place objects, utility lines, etc. The app costs just $1.99 and it does so much retouching work for you.

7. TabCloud

Having too many browsers open is a common problem for social media marketers. TabCloud solves that problem in the best way possible because it allows you to manage browser tabs by opening groups of bookmarked websites all at once. Even better is that TabCloud is a free resource.

8. Write Behind

When you want professional, magazine quality images, the Write Behind iOS app is a great way to get the design you need. You can insert text behind an object in your image. The app has other features including the ability to remove watermarks, and different fonts and style text. The app is free with some paid options. You can unlock all the features for $6.99.

9. Storeo

Do some days feel like they are spent entirely creating and editing Instagram stories? Storeo helps you create and produce your own Instagram story from one full length video recording on your smartphone. The app automatically chops up the video you record into short instagram stories. Storeo has a free version with a premium version for $8.99.

10. Giphy Says

You are probably already familiar with GIPHY, and they are the masterminds behind this new app called GIPHY Says. It allows you to turn your photo and speech into a personalised GIF. It is a free app that takes what you say and turns it into a GIF. It gives you the ability to get creative with replies and personalised messages to your network.