10 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Should Know


Implementing marketing strategies can cost entrepreneurs a lot of money. Fortunately, small businesses can take advantage of the Internet to compete with large and already established businesses out there. If you are an entrepreneur, you don’t have to be intimidated by other large companies that seem to be throwing off money for left and right for campaigns. There are other methods you can use to implement low-cost marketing strategies and gain the same results.

1. Create a Blog

People love to read blogs about what interest them. They read when they are bored. They read to pass time while on the bus on the way home. Creating a blog and constantly posting great content on it can attract readers’ attention, which will also draw attention to your brand.

Create a blog if you don’t have one yet. Create a Website using WordPress and design it using the customizable themes. It is easy to sign up for a free account and use the platform to promote your products and services and write about how people would benefit from them.

You can also post case studies backed up by legitimate sources and verified information. Make sure your articles and blog posts are well-written and easy to read. Hiring a writer is a good investment. It doesn’t cost a lot, and the returns will be good.

2. Post Great Content Consistently

Of course, writing a blog is not enough to keep readers engaged. You have to post content that is attractive and creative, and that leaves readers wanting more.

Content refers to images, memes, videos, and articles that are relevant to your brand or business. Post funny, informative and creative content that is targeted to your particular demographic. That way, it will draw traffic to your Website, and your business will be recognized. If you’re not sure about the quality of your content, ask for help from a good writing service.

3. Take Advantage of Google Maps

People use Google Maps not only when they want to know if they are heading in the right direction but also when they want to look for places to eat or go to that is within the area. This is why it is very useful that you list your business on Google Maps.

Even if people are not particularly looking for the products and services that you offer, reading your business name on the map is enough for brand recognition. Your customers can also leave reviews and comments that are very useful to your business, provided you gave them the best service.

4. Online Forums are Great for Market and Product Research

Reading online forums is a great way to research a particular market or to learn what other services people are looking for. Forums will give you valuable ideas you can use for your business. You can also use them to conduct polls or survey your target market and prospects.

5. Share Information from Your Inspirations All over the Web

Just keep sharing what you love or what inspires you, even if it involves other businesses. Actually, they can do you the same favor and share your business with their existing customers.

You can also share from your competitors. This will help you become better at what you do and will inspire people to go on your Website or social media accounts to know everything about your business and what you can offer that is better than what your competitors have.

6. Focus on Content Marketing Strategies

Creating a Website, writing a blog and posting great content consistently is now part of your content marketing strategies. Just focus on them and you will soon get a good following for your social media accounts.

Hire the right creative people for your team. Create a plan and brainstorm with them frequently to keep up to date with how the business is going and what other things you can add or improve.

7. Use Other Online Services

Use other online services to get your products noticed or to sell your products. One example of an online service is an online shop on Amazon or eBay. These online shops are already known and established and they carry other brands as well. You can sell your products and services through them and gain brand recognition.

Customers can also leave ratings, comments, and suggestions about your product. This is good because you will know which areas of your business need improvement.

8. Use Facebook for Business

Facebook has more than 1 billion active users every month. Use Facebook for business to reach out to millions of people worldwide. Establish a strong media presence by connecting your Website to Facebook and other social media accounts.

You can also track how many people view and interact with your page through Facebook’s algorithms. You can use that to your advantage. You just have to observe which of your posts, services and events garnered the most engagement from people. You can develop your products from there or simply ask people for their comments and suggestions.

You can also use the feature called sponsored stories. Your business or post will be promoted and posted to a larger audience like a regular post. This is a great marketing strategy because it will increase awareness of your brand and you will be able to connect with millions of people in different parts of the world for a minimal price.

9. Exploit Different Social Media Channels

As mentioned, keeping a strong media presence is essential to the success of your business. Almost all people own a smartphone or have other social media accounts. Use this opportunity to promote your business by posting interesting and relevant content to your account.

Other social media and networking sites you can exploit are Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Hangout, Snapchat, and YouTube. Hire a creative team to constantly update your social media accounts and increase your following.
Create a separate content strategy plan for your social media accounts.

  • Set goals and visions for each account, including the number of posts and frequency per day, and the number of followers gained and engagements per day.
  • Create an editorial calendar for each account and schedule posts.
  • Make sure all posts are relevant and speak about your brand and its vision.

Much like Facebook ads and sponsored posts, these social media also have their own versions for businesses. All you have to do is pay a small amount for an ad that will reach millions of people in an instant.

10. Ensure Your Products and Services Keep Improving

The best marketing strategy is by word of mouth. If your products are great, you won’t have to approach people because they will come to you. They will spread the word about how great your products and services are to their friends and families, and you will gain loyal and new customers.

They will trust you enough to patronize your business even if they can get the same products and services elsewhere. Always try to improve your business by staying up to date with the latest trends and public hype. No matter what happens, keep the integrity of your business so you can keep your loyal customers and attract new ones.

Other low-cost marketing strategies you can implement:

  • Create a loyalty program
    A Loyalty program is a great way to keep your loyal customers and attract new ones. For example, you can use a point system to encourage them to buy more of your products to earn points and eventually exchange them for something useful. People love getting free stuff in general.
  • Launch or join events
    Launch your own event or attend other events that are related to your business, such as seasonal bazaars.
  • Use direct email and newsletter marketing

You can also use direct email marketing or through newsletters. You can start this by making it a part of your loyalty program. When they agree to sign up, they will have to give you their personal information, including their email addresses.

You can use it to your advantage by sending customers updates and news about your products that can let them earn more points using the email addresses they provide.

Take advantage of technology and create opportunities for yourself. Look for ways you can connect with people to get your brand or business off the ground.

These marketing strategies are as effective as full-blown marketing campaigns by huge companies. You don’t have to hire a PR firm and spend too much money when you can follow these tips and use your money to constantly improve your business instead. All you need is patience, determination and hard work to get your business out there.

Pat Fredshaw is a passionate freelance writer and guest contributor from Oakland. She writes about content marketing, business writing, and blogging. You can contact her via Facebook.