15 Essential Online Tools and Apps for Digital Marketers

Digital marketing is an incredibly complex and evolving field, and it’s impossible to stay on top of all of the changes and emerging trends without using some online tools. You can’t analyze all of the data you get yourself, or keep a personal eye on what does and doesn’t work with your competitors. So much of digital marketing has to have a personal touch, such as writing social media posts. Other aspects, however, require a keen knowledge of technology, and the following tools help with managing a digital marketing campaign.

1. Sniply

A big part of modern digital marketing is making sure you have a clear call to action on your page. Whether it’s signing up to an email list or buying something right now, this call to action  represents the overarching goal of your campaign. This website makes it easy to create a custom call to action button, which you can then insert anywhere on your page.

2. Easy Word Count

We all now know that web pages and blog posts are best for SEO when they’re over 1000 words long, and best for engagement when they’re over 1500 words. This tool helps you monitor this and make sure you meet your criteria.

3. Mail Chimp

While social media has taken over a lot of digital marketing, it can be dangerous to overlook the basics of a digital marketing campaign. Emails are still incredibly important, and this tool has some awesome options, including free plans, that can put together a really coordinated email marketing campaign.

4. Academized

A lot of modern marketing campaigns involve writing blog posts and social media posts. For people who aren’t trained in creative writing, this can be incredibly daunting. Fortunately there are some awesome guides, tutorials, and courses here to help improve your writing skills.

5. Hiver

When you’re a digital marketer, you’re often working as part of a team in collaboration with other staff and interns. This tools makes it easy to share work, emails and schedules, and features such as being able to mark when a task is done, and avoid duplicating work makes it easier to do work more efficiently.

6. Headline Analyzer

Your headline is one of the most important parts of your post. There are thousands of posts on every possible subject, so if you want yours to be the page people click on, then you need a catchy and enticing headline. This tool can help you create that.

7. Buffer

If managing multiple social media profiles and platforms gets overwhelming, then you can use Buffer to streamline them, manage notifications, and schedule your posts so your updates go automatically. You can also use the Social Analytics feature of this website to review your strategy.

8. Paper Fellows

When you’re not sure how to prepare a blog post, or need advice on writing to inform or persuade and remain engaging, then you should head to the forums on this website. They’re full of professionals and amateurs who can provide help and support when you’re writing.

9. Apester

Interactive content is incredibly important for digital marketing, it’s content that your audience engages with, and that they’re more likely to share with their friends, and come back to later. However, interactive content is hard to create, but this tool makes it really simple to add quizzes and other similar content to your website.

10.   Contently

Sometimes it is just not feasible to write multiple blog posts a week, and stay up to date on social media, and engage with customers, all while monitoring analytics. Many businesses choose to hire professional editors from this site to either write or proofread content that can then be posted on behalf of the business. It’s efficient and the content is high quality.

11. Canva

As all good marketers are aware, presentation is everything. If you really want to showcase a product, you need to make sure that your website looks good, and this tool makes that easy. Whether you need graphics, banners, or business cards, all of your aesthetics can be taken care of here.

12. Big Assignments

As most content marketers are aware, SEO crawlers now check for spelling and grammar when they rank a web page, as well as originality. To make sure you have unique and well-written content when promoting your brand, it can be a good idea to engage the services of a professional writer or editor from this website.

13. Nanigans

There’s no denying that Facebook ads can prove to be extremely lucrative, however those profits can be maximised further by using this tool to manage your online ads.

14. Piktochart

Some elements of digital marketing involve writing posts that are informative, and potentially a little dry. It’s hard to make this kind of content popular and engaging. However, using an infographic as a format can make this a lot more palatable. Even if you have no experience with infographics, this tool makes them very easy to make.

15. Google Analytics

This may sound like a basic tool, but taking the time to understand what google analytics mean, and how to analyze the data they show can be incredibly useful. You’ll be able to assess data, and modify your digital marketing campaigns much more efficiently if you understand analytics.

Successful digital marketing is not easy. It’s a complex area, and it’s tough to stay abreast of all trends and changes in the field, which occur regularly. These tools make staying ahead of competition easy and on top of your campaigns as simple as possible.