3 Sure-Fire Ways to Cut Costs with Image Editing

Let’s get this straight. You have a company, or rather a product or service, which you want to promote and sell. This is the basic mantra for every company out there. Some of these companies might just be providing the same product or service, making them your competitors. And they might even have a better infrastructure than you do and an already operational brand image. So, what do you do? There’s always a start to everything. So, you need to start branding and promoting your company. And image editing plays a huge part in this.

How Does Editing an Image Come into Branding?

How? Well, before you ask this question, ask yourself something first. Can you name a popular company that doesn’t have a brand image? Name a single company out there that doesn’t have a product image to it, a popular product. You won’t find one. The thing is that branding and promotion are important for a product to be popular. Proper branding simply gives an illusory popularity to that product, which, in turn, promotes it. Now, find one brand logo or picture or ad that does not have any image editing done to it. You may have your answer.

So, here’s something just for you: cost-cutting tips and tricks with image editing to make sure you survive and prosper in this hugely competitive market of branding and promotions!

Self-Branding with Image Editing

Hiring an ad agency is one way of going at it. But then, ad agencies don’t come cheap, and they are not a good way to stick below or even within budget. You have a brain yourself, so you can start by making proper use of it. Ads can be simple; it’s all about innovation. You don’t always need cutting-edge graphics to get branding done.

Now, what’s the budget for getting this done? It’s not as if you cannot come up with good ideas. Break your product idea into pieces and think of it from a buyers’ point of view. Get the concept inside yourself, and then simply think. Be creative. And if you have it, get it done with image-editing professionals, and you’re all set to go.

Videoblogs and SEO

Now images are the first thing you should do, but they are not the only thing you can do. Have a Videoblog or v-log relating to your product. Innovate with normal, random, everyday things, keeping in mind what your product or service is supposed to do. There are many ads that come from the simplest ideas but hit the viewer right where it matters. Branding and promotions are all about making sure that your advertising campaign is remembered.

Social Media Instead of Ad Hoardings

Hoarding ads is a costly affair, let alone doing them on TV. One of the rising trends in advertising is getting it done on social media. Sometimes even hiring a team is not a necessity – you can do it or get it done from within your organization, too. All you need to do is make sure that the theme of that advertisement is worth a look and then a share. The trick in getting social media ads right is doing it with trending topics and relating your product or your brand’s page to it. Take this for example:


Consider this as an image. What’s there to this advertisement? It’s just an image with background removal editing done to it. You might come to the conclusion that Apple does have something to do with a real Apple, and that helps in getting this ad right. But this is not the point. The point is that the key is simplicity, innovative and creative simplicity. And this is just the kind of idea that can give you the lead over your peers.

As for cost, how much do you think this image burned into Apple’s pockets? There’s just a background removal and some obvious photo editing. And that’s about it. So this is cost-effective just like the other ones mentioned above.

Ultimately, proper branding and promotion with image editing of some good ideas give you what you need to promote your product. If you’re looking for a golden rule, the then truth is it’s about making a viewer remember the ad or the campaign. You don’t need to spend big, but you need to think big and new. And all that’ll be left for you to do is to get the right image-editing professionals to transform your idea into a photo. Branding is profit. You simply have to be interesting at any cost, and this cost is creativity and intelligence.

Andy Wheel is a creative writer, an avid content provider and a guest poster in isshpath. He loves blogging and has expertise in SEO, WordPress and graphics.