3 Tips for Consistently Winning More Clients


If you’re only using the same tried and true techniques for generating business and closing sales, you may be missing out on a chance to grow your company and increase the bottom line. Consistently winning clients requires a commitment to trying new approaches. Don’t miss out on proven strategies just because they make you uncomfortable.

Start Winning New Clients

You never know when one of your current accounts is going to bail, or when a big client will cut back on an order and eat away at your revenue. And while you can’t always prevent these things from happening, you can insulate yourself against situations like these by consistently winning more clients.

It’s easy to get comfortable with your current approach to lead generation, but branching out and trying new things will increase your chances of achieving superior results. Here are some things you can do to really ramp up your efforts:

Constant Lead Nurturing

Networking takes a lot of effort, time, and energy. One of the worst things you can do after meeting with a new lead or having a conversation with a prospect is to go cold. Sure, the prospect might not be ready to convert, but you have to keep them warm.

Drip campaigns work really well and represent one good method of constant lead nurturing. Marketing expert James Scherer suggests using a 4:1:1 email strategy for early-stage nurturing. With this approach, you send out six total emails to clients: four educational, one transition, and one closing.

“Stitch them together with a bit of a delay and you deliver relevant value to your lead, becoming trusted and reliable,” Scherer explains. “So when you happen to mention that your platform or service addresses one of their pain points, they believe you.”

Obviously this is just one example of constant lead nurturing. There are strategies for social media, in-person networking, SMS, voice, and just about any other method you can think of. Find the methods that work best for your business, but make a commitment to not let warm leads go cold.

Call Tracking

The process of nurturing leads and winning over new clients is a delicate one, to say the least. Any negative interactions or factors that make a lead uncomfortable could lead a prospect to go another route. One of your primary objectives should always be to reduce friction.

One way to reduce friction and make a strong first impression is by implementing a call tracking system into your business. Call tracking helps deliver a consistent customer experience by tracking caller details, routing calls to the appropriate parties, and delivering powerful insights to your team. With a platform like Phonexa, you can even visualize calls with insights on things like demographics, campaign call generation, location, and caller profiles.

Referral Networks

Do you have any sort of referral strategy in place for leveraging your current customer base and professional network? It’s not enough to accept referrals from your contacts. You need to develop a proactive strategy for going out and getting referrals.

Every conversation you have with a customer is a pipeline to more customers. You can’t be afraid to ask for introductions – even when it’s frightening and intimidating.

As sales expert Marc Wayshak writes, “The only way to get over this fear is to just ask anyway. Think of it this way: You’ll never lose business by asking for an introduction, but you never know how much business you’ll lose by not asking at all.”

Stop Settling for Average

It’s astonishing how many businesses settle for average – either purposefully or unintentionally. If you speak to many small business owners, they’re satisfied with the clients they have and only make soft pushes to grow their client base. They typically claim that they’re operating at maximum capacity and can’t take on any new business, but some digging usually shows that this isn’t really the case. Instead, they simply aren’t willing to do what it takes to consistently win more clients.

Don’t be a business that settles for average. While your current sales techniques may produce results, are there other methods you can use to convert even more clients? If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll find that the answer is almost always a resounding yes.