4 Reasons that South Florida is great for Startups

South Florida, home to golden beaches and massive swamps, is tailor-made for business startups. A growing population, a tourist friendly atmosphere, and access to rail, road, and seaborne shipping means that your startup – no matter what it does – will have everything it needs to succeed.
Miami, the largest city in southern Florida and the second largest in the state behind Jacksonville, is business friendly and is actively courting new startups, but it can be difficult finding a niche in this multi-ethnic city. A large Hispanic population fuels the continued growth of the city.


With its warm tropical climate, Miami is a city that caters to tourists all year long. Miles of beaches, fascinating swampland and sitting astride the only convenient access to the Florida Keys means that there is a steady flow of tourists through or into the city during the year.
These tourists, from all over the world, span the gamut of economic strata. Rich celebrities enjoy the clubs and hotels that Miami is world-famous for while blue collar vacationers flock to the beaches that separate Miami from the Atlantic Ocean.

Population Growth

Miami and South Florida are among the nation’s fasting growing regions. Although the multi-ethnic population boom has caused some problems, the increase in the number of people means that service related industry has a bigger market for their products and services while companies that need workers find a ready workforce waiting for them.

Many retirees dream of settling down in Miami and its suburbs This aged but able customer base and potential work force is also one of Miami’s strengths.

Infrastructural Support

Ready access to different shipping and distribution options gives Miami an edge that inland cities do not have. A large international airport offers freight services all over the world and a booming seaport that is one of the busiest container ports in the United States. In addition, the Florida East Coast Railway that handles freight but no passengers and ready access to the interstate highway system gives Miami links to markets and suppliers all over the world.

The city itself was developed in the early twentieth century and has grown to encompass most of the usable land in the area. Bordered on the west by the Everglades, Miami and its suburbs have spread up the coast.


Miami is a culturally diverse city many distinct flavors and styles. Cubans, Jamaicans, Haitians and other national cultures maintain their customs and traditions within the greater Miami area. This diversity gives the city a strength and character more intense than the more homogenous cities to the north.

Miami, and the Keys below it, have long been a destination for many of society’s odder elements. Counter-culture enclaves and fringe groups give the area an eclectic feel that infuses every level of society.

Filling a Niche in the Community

Southern Florida is already home to a large group of entrepreneurs and businesses that have carved out a niche in the sunshine. These range from industries associated with Florida, such as orange juice bottlers and distributors to businesses that can be found in any city in the United States.

“Florida is our home,” explain the managers of a Miami Luxury dry cleaner. “We wanted to build something in our community.”

Like most entrepreneurs, they found a niche that needed filling and built a business around it. No matter where you are, or where you want to be, you can find a job that needs to be done.
Creating those jobs, building those businesses and dreaming the dream of making your community better through your own hard work and knowledge is a shared dream for many entrepreneurs.