4 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page


When it comes to social media, companies usually spend time thinking about Facebook and Instagram. But for many brands, the most important platform is LinkedIn. If you aren’t making an effort to optimize your LinkedIn company page, you’re missing out on a chance to grow your brand.

4 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Many people view LinkedIn as a networking resource and nothing else, but this is a bit of a misguided view. While it’s certainly a helpful tool for job hunters and employers looking to fill positions, there are plenty of other reasons to love LinkedIn.

A LinkedIn company page gives your business an opportunity to tell your story, engage with followers, share opportunities, and boost word of mouth marketing. It’s a valuable platform for increasing influence, managing PR, and interacting with both internal and external stakeholders.

To not have a LinkedIn company page is a big mistake. To have a LinkedIn company page without any clear direction or strategy is perhaps an even bigger blunder. Having said that, here are some practical ways you can optimize your page for greater results moving forward.

Clear and Concise “About Us” Section

The “about us” section represents one of the biggest opportunities your brand has to shine through and make a statement on your company page. Make sure you take your time and come up with a concise, yet informative statement that properly represents your brand and engages people in a meaningful way.

Have a well-articulated boilerplate for your company? This is the perfect place to put it. If not, now is as good a time as any to come up with one. You’d also do well to include your website URL in this section.

Worth Emulating: The Dell LinkedIn page provides a good look at an effective “about us” section. Notice how it’s specific, clear, and concise.

Regular Updates

The update feature is one of the best aspects of LinkedIn company pages. It allows you to post content to your “wall” and share it with your followers. You should make it a point to post regularly. Not only does this keep people engaged, but it also gives you an opportunity to showcase what your brand is doing.

Worth emulating: The SteelMaster Buildings page gives us a good example of what to post, as well as how often to post. They typically publish human interest stories and updates – such as information on a retiring employee or satisfied customer – about once every 10-14 days. This time frame ensures you stay on the forefront of your followers’ minds without being too pushy and self-serving.

High Quality, Original Content

When LinkedIn began allowing its users to use the site as a publishing platform, everything changed for the better. It’s now seen as a powerful resource for content marketing, branding, and organic advertising. But in order to benefit from the publishing capabilities, you need your content to stand out amid all of the other articles and posts that your competitors are pumping out. This means investing in high quality, original content.

Worth emulating: As you may suspect, the Ben and Jerry’s page provides a good picture of what sort of content works on LinkedIn. Not only does it fit the brand to a T, but it’s also unique.

Active Participation

If you’re going to launch a LinkedIn company page, you need your team to buy in. Encouraging key employees to participate will help you get your page moving in the right direction.

“You don’t want unauthorized employees speaking on behalf of the company, but you do want smart, knowledgeable people reflecting positively on your business,” marketer Andrew Stanten points out. “This also speaks to having a clear social media policy. At a minimum, company leadership and the owner of your LinkedIn page should be active listeners in appropriate groups and contribute to timely, meaningful conversations.”

Worth emulating: The Salesforce company page is highly effective. Part of the reason it works so well is that thousands of its employees have joined the conversation.

LinkedIn: An Invaluable Resource

As you familiarize yourself with how LinkedIn works and where its greatest strengths lie, you can begin to leverage your company page to your advantage. While there’s no perfect formula for success, the tips outlined in this article will allow you to optimize your page so you can maximize your results.