The 5 Best Co-Working Spaces in the World


Co-working has drastically grown since its nascent stages in 2005 when the world’s first coworking space was created. There being no proved formula for getting the “perfect” office environment, operators strive to create the best service offering to meet the ever-changing market demand. Currently, hybrid workspace models are a commonplace in this multi-billion-dollar industry.

According to a survey by AllWork, shared office environments have grown at a rate of 200% within the past half-decade. Consequently, more and more coworking spaces have cropped up globally, especially in internationally renowned cities like Chicago, New York, and London. If you’re in need of a working area, here are some of the best coworking spaces on the planet.

The Work Project – Hong Kong

The Work Project was established in 2016 with its headquarters in Hong Kong. It started as a hospitality establishment. Hence, the founders excel in offering a shared space with an elevated experience.

Here, you can explore a fully stocked library that focusses on various industrial sectors including cuisines, architecture, interior design, global affairs, travel, a custom Bean Table and a range of assorted art pieces to add a decorative touch to the serene design philosophy. Everything feels balanced and according to Junny Lee, the founder, “the tall buildings, the gorgeous yet ergonomic furniture, and the vertical garden make The Work Project a stand-alone co-working business environment.

Agora Collective – Berlin

The Agora Collective is the perfect working space for many freelance working professionals. Dubbed as one of the best co-working places because of the creativity it inspires, the Collective offers a lot of brightly lit art studios. Membership to the collective enables you to either choose a shared table or a meeting room. Furthermore, it provides collective freelance services.

That implies that if you’re in need of collaborating with a professional with particular skills, you can find them within the community. Charlie Hobson who heads the Written Word at the Difference Collective says, “I’ve made a new connection that has opened up new, exciting projects… I have a good experience in the medical world. I’ve supported specialist communication and online agencies. That offers a room to expand your sector knowledge.”

Dojo – Bali

Dojo is located in Bali’s most renowned beach town of Canggu. It is the ideal coworking space for the remote professional worker seeking a tranquil environment while enjoying the tropical climate that Bali has to offer. Dojo offers collective remote-worker services inspiring individuals from all corners of the world. There are plenty of sitting options; you can opt to sit alone, with other members, use the Skype booth, or book a meeting room.

Anthony Marinos is the Director of Grind, one of the fastest growing coworking spaces in New York. He shared, “When it comes to nurturing the community, we mainly focus on the human element. Consider it a hospitality company but from a workspace perspective. Our employees know our members by name and their professionals.” Typically, you join a coworking space as a “me” but leave as part of a greater community.

NeueHouse Hollywood – Los Angeles, USA

There may not be many places that inspire creativity, but the NeueHouse Hollywood does. Perhaps the reason why it is a freelancer’s favorite spot. It spans the seven-story, landmarked CBS Radio building and treading its floor takes you through the good, old Hollywood days.

“Repurposing abandoned sound stages and scrupulously blended Berber textiles, rugs, and North African antique decorations with custom lighting, pillows, and ottomans, we managed to create a sustainable professional space,” recalled Karl Finegan, the CEO NeueHouse.

Work & Co – Cape Town, South Africa

The Work and Co co-working space aims to bring together professional remote workers to share their skills and career aspirations. It is located in Cape Town, one of the world’s most diverse and beautiful cities. The layout features high-tech devices to help individuals from all career paths. Like most coworking spaces, you can select an individual, communal space or a private meeting area.

SharedSpace‘s Michael Everts on Coworking says that a significant number of potential freelance workers require technological tools that are beyond their means. Besides, commuting to their companies is inconvenient and usurps a huge sum of their savings.