5 Ways to Make Cheap but Effective Marketing Videos


Video marketing has taken over the digital marketing industry, and videos in marketing are expected to grow significantly over the coming years. As a result, video marketing is likely to be an essential part of your business marketing campaign, regardless of the size of your company or the industry in which you operate. For many small and start-up companies, video marketing campaigns could seem like an expensive luxury. However, there are many great, inexpensive ways to put together an effective campaign. We’ve put together some top tips here:

Use Animation

Since you don’t need to hire actors or use a studio, animated marketing videos can be relatively inexpensive to put together. In order to get the best, professional results, it’s recommended that you use a professional animation company, for example, Spiel, which specializes in whiteboard animations and other types of animated marketing videos.

Facebook Live

Anybody with a smartphone can use Facebook Live, so make sure that you are signed into your business’s page on your smartphone’s Facebook app, as you never know when you might get a great Facebook Live video opportunity. This relatively new feature on the popular social media platform hasn’t been so successful with personal users, but is an awesome way of encouraging potential and existing customers to engage with the brands that they follow. And, the best thing about Facebook Live is that the videos are usually free to make!


Marketing videos don’t have to be complicated or expensive to make. In fact, some of the most powerful marketing videos could be made using your smartphone camera. For example, asking previous customers to help you create a video where they leave a review of a product or service, or your brand as a whole, is an excellent idea that’s easy and cheap to create but sends a powerful message to anybody considering purchasing from you.

Find Students

Another great way to put together an inexpensive video marketing campaign is to ask students to help you out. University and college students who are interested in a videography career in the future are often eager to get as much work experience as possible and will jump at the opportunity to build their professional portfolios.

Hire Freelancers

As a small-business owner, there may be no way that you could afford to pay an in-house video marketing team. Thankfully, today there are more remote workers and freelancers offering their services than ever before, so you should be able to easily find somebody online who will create marketing videos for you on a pay-per-job basis, meaning that you’ll only pay for what you need. Since freelancers usually work with a variety of different clients, you’ll be able to purchase their services as and when you need a new or updated video marketing campaign, rather than the regular costs of hiring a full-time employee.

Even if you’re running a small start-up, video marketing is becoming a more vital component of every company’s marketing campaign.

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