6 Effective Online Marketing Strategies that Will Boost Your Sales


Increasing online sales is the most critical goal for most businesses thanks to the expansion of online selling platforms and opportunities. From small online stores to giants like Amazon and eBay, increasing online sales could mean the difference between survival and demise. Effective online marketing strategies account for a huge sales margin in companies across most industries. Fortunately, there are a number of ways which will help you boost your bottom-line through online sales.

1. Invest in Quality Product Images

Posts with good images get approximately 87 percent more reactions and 37 percent higher clicks than posts with no images at all. Photos enable you to tell lots of stories using a single instrument. They also create a sense of credibility and professionalism. Not every product or service can be explained through words. That’s why you ought to invest in good, professional photography for your online sales segment. Learn to choose the right photograph for each post or update. Always ask yourself, if I were to present this story through one image, which photo would best tell this story?

2. Show Off Customer Testimonials & Trust Signals

Lots of potential clients read business reviews and customer feedback sites before buying a product. That’s why you have to be careful regarding the kind of feedback you receive about your service or product on the web. Sites like Homestead web hosting can always generate good sites with great review platforms. Learn to always encourage your loyal clients to leave positive reviews. Brand perception is very powerful and consequential when it comes to online purchases. Your product reviewers are your brand ambassadors and one of the most effective online marketing strategies.

3. Invest in Mobile Optimization

Phones have replaced tablets and desktop computers. 80 percent of internet users own smartphones, and 36 percent view their emails through smartphones only. Nearly 50 percent of users start their search using a search engine while 33 percent use branded websites, and 1 in every four uses a branded app. 89 percent of face time is spent on apps, and about 50 percent of users claim to grab their phones first thing in the morning. That’s why you have to run a well-optimized site or app. Mobile optimization affects the keywords, design structure, aesthetics, and navigability of your site.

4. Offer Money-Back Guarantee

Most online users are brave but still retain a certain measure of risk aversion. Given the nature of the purchase, they are not able to examine and test the product before buying. That’s why offering a money back guarantee is one of the most powerful incentives that can drive your online sales upwards. The more risk you waive from the purchase decision, the higher the likelihood that they will want to buy and use the product. This is especially critical for fragile goods and new products in the market. The potential customer needs a guarantee of replacement or return policy attached to the product.

5. Provide as Many Payment Options as Possible

Your online site should be able to accommodate up to half a dozen payment methods. Besides credit cards, you could also use Google wallet, Apple Pay, Stripe, and WePay. If clients like a particular product but can’t find a payment method that works for them on your site, they will simply move to another website. Always include newer methods including bitcoins and any other emerging payment methods. Most importantly, implement top notch safety features for transactions to boost customer confidence.

6. Use Social Media

Social media has revolutionized how we live, work, communicate and consume entertainment. Facebook has about 1.8 billion users while Messenger and WhatsApp have about 1 billion users. Among other platforms, these are large, open platforms in which you can run ads. Take full advantage of the existing online marketplace that these social media sites present to you. Learning each site’s strength and optimize it fully is a critical and efficient online marketing strategies.

If you are looking for effective online marketing strategies that will help increase your business’ success, try asking yourself this questions: what areas should I improve in order to become one of the top business in town?  Start by recognising them and then apply one of the mentioned advice. No matter if it’s option 2, 3 or 6, make sure that you take the right action for your business.