7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in College

The number of college students who blog has increased over time as many start more appreciating blogging. While social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are popular among young adults, blogging has been there for longer, giving writers opportunities to tackle a  diverse array of subjects.  There is a number of reasons to start a blog:  to communicate better to a wider audience, to build networks, to become influential and make money through blogging.

Learn to Present Your Thought Clearly and Attractively

The beauty of blogging is that it helps the people writing them to articulate their thoughts and views clearly and attractively. Bloggers build their readership when they are articulate and share their ideas with other people, who may also offer constructive criticisms and suggestions. Student bloggers are free to present their ideas as they wish, and blogging is a great way to share ideas with like-minded individuals. Additionally, bloggers will be prepared to defend their positions when they blog over time as they are more coherent.

Learn to Do Better Research

Blogging also helps you learn how to do better research as having a blog requires you to provide timely and relevant information. Using research evidence to bolster arguments and claims is a skill that you can use when doing  rigorous academic work.  You will be better organized if you can use research to articulate the ideas, and consistently using research shows that you are serious and enthusiastic about your chosen topic.

Learning to use research is also essential in the workplace for making decisions when you face tough choices. Blogs should not only be viewed in terms of generating traffic, but should also be informative and doing research helps achieve this.

Become a Better Writer

While some students  may seek someone to write their essays or to buy research papers from them, bloggers tend to generate unique and original content. When running blogs you will more likely write the assignments by yourself, and this helps you be a better writer. Bloggers sharpen their writing skills as they are motivated to write about their interests and they can communicate more openly. Student writers will likely find blogging more enjoyable because they have freedom to write about diverse topics, and as they write more they get better at writing to a larger audience.

Improve Marketing Skills

Since the bloggers target specific audiences, they need to know their market and this is important that a blogger can articulate the right message. Bloggers can gather data and information on the target market where is possible, and this data is valuable to understanding their needs, tastes and preferences.  Blogging improves marketing skills since there is a need to deliver results by targeting the audience. Good writing skills are valuable in marketing as there is a need to communicate and manage marketing messages.

Build Network, Meet New People

It is likely that people will take you seriously when your blog gets huge readership. This is an opportunity to build a network. Student bloggers will likely connect with those who share their interests, worldviews, values and dreams. Bloggers reach to a wide audience, and since anyone with  the internet access can view the content, it is possible to connect with people around the world. All in all, networks are valuable during and after school life.

Reach Influence

While blogs can expand influence, it is important to enhance credibility and build an audience that will be reading the content.

Student bloggers should also seek to be influential as this will translate into more widespread reach. Similarly, the bloggers need to know whether the target audience likes their interests and habits since it is easier to engage with these people with similar interests and reach influence.  Bloggers also gain expertise with those particular topics that interest them, and as a result, they more grow influential.

Make Money

While money should not be the main goal for student bloggers, there are opportunities to earn from blogging. It is necessary to keep information up to date and to be unique as there are low barriers of entry to blogging that virtually anyone can start a blog. The ability to monetize blogging site highlights that a student can earn money to offset student loans. When bloggers engage with readers, they can make money when they have an established following.

Wrapping It Up

While not everyone can be a blogger, students ought to try blogging as there are many benefits than they realize. With time, successful bloggers are able to understand the target audience and they can earn money from blogging. Bloggers write about their fears, desires, interests, passion and opinions, and since they are not forced to write, they are more actively engaged while they are learning better writing and communication skills on their own time.

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