9 Simple Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Holiday season is here! If you didn’t manage to get your employees and colleagues gifts during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday shopping frenzy, take your time and think it through. Sometimes huge discounts lure people into buying something that their colleagues don’t actually want or need, and the feverish atmosphere of shopping malls can be distracting. So, there’s that eternal question that’s inevitable as Christmas is nearing: How to choose a perfect gift? Here are some cool and interesting gift ideas.

1. Grid-It Organizer

A hectic lifestyle takes its toll and many people struggle with cables, cell phone chargers, pens, gadgets and keys in their bags. This amazing organizer by Cocoon ($19.99) is both fancy and useful. It’s perfect for both men and women, as it helps put even the messiest of bags in order.

2. RIF6 Cube Mobile Projector

This 2-inch cube-shaped portable projector ($299.00) is every cinephile’s dream come true. It turns any cell phone, laptop or gaming console into a 120-inch silver screen, and 90-minute battery life makes it a great traveling companion. Apart from being used for watching movies, this cute little gadget has the option of turning a dull white ceiling into a starry night sky.

3. MoMa Sky Umbrella

Rainy days can be depressing. Give one of your employees a piece of blue sky on a rainy day with this cheerful and optimistic umbrella ($55.00), designed by Tibor Kalman and Emanuela Frattini Magnusson. Not only is this umbrella a perfect way of getting through a gloomy day, it’s also a work of art.

4. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Waking up to a sound of an alarm clock is a pretty stressful way of starting a day. That’s why this creative gizmo ($169.99) makes sure that you wake up to a light that simulates sunrise. 5 pleasant and calming wake-up sounds imitate nature and fill any bedroom with bird song or the sound of waves.

5. Gift Cards

If you aren’t sure what gift would make someone happy and you don’t want to make a mistake of choosing something unsuitable, there’s no need to worry. In case you’ve exhausted your creativity, it’s the right moment to think about gift cards (prices vary). That way, your recipients can get themselves whatever they want or need, and they’ll be thankful for your thoughtful gesture.

6. Growing Wishes Seed Kit

If you think that gadgets and similar material items don’t make good gifts, here’s a little something that will give an air of good old-fashioned holiday spirit and show what the true gift of Christmas is. This colorful set comes ($20.00) with six various seeds, each representing one of the most important things in life – friendship, strength, love, clarity, happiness and joy.

7. Christmas at the Burrow Soy Candle

For all those who love books, the smell of books and libraries, this fragrant soy candle ($18.00) will be an awesome gift. The mix of sugar cookie, cinnamon and vanilla scents will instantly create a warm Christmassy atmosphere. Throw in a batch of freshly baked gingerbread men and you’ve got a really nice present for an employee or partner.

8. Happy Holidays 8PC Bento Box

Nothing says Merry Christmas better than assortment of fine candies. This luxurious bento box ($65.00) is packed with various holiday-flavored sweets, including gingerbread cookie bites, pumpkin pie caramels or champagne bubbles. You can’t go wrong with this sweet treat, as even the ones who watch their diet occasionally indulge themselves during the most wonderful time of the year.

9. The 3D Printing Pen

Now, here’s the way to unleash one’s inner artist. The 3D printing pen ($99.95) creates three-dimensional plastic drawings, and it can even draw in the air. In other words, this pen makes it possible to draw anything you imagine. There are even downloadable blueprints of various famous landmarks from all around the world. It comes with 50 plastic refills in various colors.

Although people usually say that it’s the thought that counts when it comes to giving gifts, they surely won’t mind if they receive an original or unique gift at the office.