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Hire Great Employees With One Crucial Secret

How to Hire the Best People for Your Business

If you’re going to grow your company or achieve excellent levels of performance in your business unit, it’s going to be a lot easier if you hire top performers to begin with, rather than if you have to be constantly pushing and pulling average performers to new levels. Reevaluate the Job Before Hiring Before you... READ MORE

How to Supercharge Employee Performance

“You are only as good as your people. One of the most powerful ways to really move your business ahead is to upgrade your staff.” No, this doesn’t just simply mean firing everyone and replacing them with higher-performing people. There are lots of other creative ways to upgrade your staff, but for starters you need... READ MORE

The 5 Critical Stages of Hiring

The caliber of people who work for your company will have a huge impact on the success of your company. The easiest way to create a terrific workforce is to hire terrific people in the first place. Although you may never seem to have the time to hire people carefully, I suggest you do whatever... READ MORE

How to Choose the Right Incentive Plan

“The right incentive plan properly implemented can drive your business ahead like a rocket ship. But if expectations increase faster than actual payouts—watch out for trouble!” I tend to divide incentive plans into three silos: one for salespeople, one for the management team, and one for the rest of the company. Salespeople: Inbound and Outbound... READ MORE

Common Benefits at Small Companies

Generally, smaller firms offer fewer fringe benefits than larger firms, and really small firms often don’t offer any fringe benefits at all. But if you are competing to attract and retain talented labor for your firm, you need to give fringe benefits some thought. In fact, I would strongly recommend you give it a lot... READ MORE

How to Conduct a Job Interview: A Sample Conversation

Especially in setting the stage for early interviews, I usually want to be simultaneously “selling the candidate” on the idea of working for our firm, while at the same time trying to judge whether he or she has the capability and enthusiasm to do the job and to fit in at our company. As the... READ MORE