BUSINESSTOWN Bob Adams's Top 10 Insanely Critical Business Concepts

Your Business Plan IS Your Business

Having a great business plan is absolutely, positively the single most important thing you can do to ensure the success of your business. How Important Is Your Business Plan? It is generally more important than raising all the money that you could ever need or even hiring the very best employees that you could possibly... READ MORE

Cheap Marketing Tricks That Work

Small start-up businesses don’t usually have the resources to launch huge advertising blitzes in multiple media formats. In fact, even if you are already in business, chances are you don’t have an extensive cash allocation earmarked for promotion. There’s also a good chance that you’ve tried many different advertising approaches and vehicles and haven’t hit... READ MORE

8 Ways to Get Employees to Overperform

Success comes a lot easier if you have great people working for you. Furthermore, this is true even if you have no employees. How? Because you still have yourself, the entrepreneur. And how good an employee you are is by no means a static situation. Too many entrepreneurs don’t work hard enough to ensure that... READ MORE

Business Owners Self-Sabotage Every Day

It took many years and input from others for me to finally figure out some of the many ways that I was needlessly sabotaging my own businesses and my own performance every single day. You don’t think you sabotage yourself, do you? Every entrepreneur sabotages him or herself all the time. It’s the nature of... READ MORE

Being Cheap: How To Turn It into a Core Competency

My background has been starting businesses with little money - very little money - then trying to grow them as fast as possible. As I was constantly running out of money, running my business as cheaply as possible wasn’t an option to make the business more profitable. It was essential to have just enough cash... READ MORE

Get Organized and Take Charge of Your Business

My Disorganized Life For many years my business was, in many ways, a disorganized mess. As the business was growing and changing every day, and I was facing one growing pain and crisis after the next, there was no way I was going to stop and set aside a little time to really organize things.... READ MORE

Critical Measures to Build Positive Cash Flow

"Cash flow, not profits, is the lifeblood of your business. Project it, monitor it, and manage it well before serious trouble starts to brew." For many years, my underlying, deepest business concern was running out of cash. My businesses were almost always profitable, but they still burned cash - lots of cash. And, yes, it... READ MORE