BUSINESSTOWN Dealing with Problem Employees

How to Supercharge Employee Performance

“You are only as good as your people. One of the most powerful ways to really move your business ahead is to upgrade your staff.” No, this doesn’t just simply mean firing everyone and replacing them with higher-performing people. There are lots of other creative ways to upgrade your staff, but for starters you need... READ MORE

When Should You Fire an Employee?

How much time should you give an employee to improve his or her performance? There really aren’t any specific guidelines. One thing to take into consideration, however, is the employee’s length of service with your company. Loyalty does count. Give an employee who has served you for several years a few months to work out... READ MORE

How to Deal with Employee Performance Issues

Virtually all people want to succeed at work. They want to offer their best and get along well with their managers, supervisors, and coworkers. When shortcomings or problems arise, these can usually be overcome with some additional instruction or coaching, or with a positive, but frank, discussion of the issues at hand. As much as... READ MORE

How to Fire an Employee: A Difficult Process Made Easier

After you have taken all of the preliminary steps, considered all of the potential ramifications, legal and otherwise, and made the difficult decision to let someone go, stick to it. Don’t torture yourself with second thoughts. Don’t prolong the firing. Only the worker’s direct supervisors, and any witnesses that will be present at the termination... READ MORE

Dealing with Skill-Oriented Employee Issues

First try to ascertain whether the employee really lacks the skills necessary for the satisfactory performance of his or her duties, or whether another issue is negatively affecting his or her ability to perform. Often, when a manager assumes that someone cannot do a job for lack of skill, the real problem is actually centered... READ MORE

How to Fire an Employee: What to Say

What to Say When Firing an Employee The following dialogue provides an excerpt from a firing that involves an employee who had sincerely tried to do his job but just hadn’t been able to perform at a satisfactory level. Note how the manager shows patience and expresses sympathy but does not offer false praise or... READ MORE

How to Speed Up Slow Workers

A Slow Work Pace Can Be a Huge Problem For Your Business A slow work pace can be among the most difficult problems to resolve unless you have standards or goals against which to compare actual performance. For most nonprofessional positions, you can create standards or minimum quantitative measures of output. For example, warehouse workers... READ MORE