BUSINESSTOWN Digital Marketing

Enhancing Your Search Engine Marketing

Some time back, search engine marketing (SEM) included optimizing your website for high ranking in search engine results. This process is now called search engine optimization, or SEO, and I address it in a separate presentation. Now, SEM generally refers to paid advertising in search engines. Search Engine Advertising Can Be a Highly Efficient, Easy-to-Measure... READ MORE

30 Tips to Improve Internet Advertising

Many small businesses are using search engine advertising but are sometimes reluctant to try Internet display advertising, particularly because some creative design work is required. Other businesses like to zero in on specific keywords with search engine advertising. However, I emphasize the key to advertising success is testing and experimenting, and if your Internet advertising... READ MORE

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media for Your Business

Just diving into social media marketing for your small business because it seems “like everyone else is” could be a very bad idea! First off, if you are starting a new small business, launching social media channels right off the bat may not be the best use of your limited resources. Even if social media... READ MORE

Newsletters Turn Buyers into Customers

“I kicked, screamed, and dragged my feet when my marketing manager wanted to try a newsletter. ‘Why not just send product flyers?’ I asked. But they’ve worked for us and a lot of other companies, too!” Will They Buy from You Tomorrow? So they bought your product yesterday, but will they buy it tomorrow? In... READ MORE

Should I Create My Own Advertising?

Even if you have the money to hire an advertising agency, try creating your own advertising campaign first. You don’t necessarily need to design your own ads; you can hire a freelancer to assist you in this effort. But do the development work and the copywriting yourself. Although Creating Your Own Ad Might Not Be... READ MORE

Direct Mail and Email for High Response Rates

Direct mail and targeted email campaigns allow you to target a specific market better than any other advertising media. You decide who gets your message, when they get it, and where they get it. Legal Restrictions on Email In the U.S. there are very restrictive laws on email marketing. To begin with, you can only... READ MORE

Sample Email or Direct-Mail Letter

Whether you are beginning a new business or growing an existing one, having a solid, results-oriented marketing plan is critical. For most business part of your marketing will likely include email marketing. For some businesses it will include direct mail. Hence, creating an highly effective, attention getting email or direct mail letter is important. Here's... READ MORE