BUSINESSTOWN How To Get Money To Finance Your Business

Venture Capitalists: Why and How They Invest in Startups

How to Create the Perfect Pitch Deck

 pitch deck

Creating Your Perfect Elevator Pitch

 pitch deck

Sample Cover Letter to Seek Financing

There are a ton of ways you can finance a small business - including your new startup. So don't hesitate to start your own business because you're a little short of cash. Seeking out investors is just another basic step in starting a business. Before we get into the sample letter, take my quiz if... READ MORE

Finance Your Business With Personal Loans

Personal loans are a great back-door alternative when seeking financing for a small business venture. Home Equity Loans Are Often Used to Indirectly Finance Small Businesses One of the most common means of obtaining funds for operating a small business is through a home equity loan. If you have been paying your mortgage for a... READ MORE

Emergency Financing Choices for Small Businesses

The great thing about business, and even a business in a seemingly impossible situation, is that there are always alternative solutions.  Getting Money from Vendors Your vendors make money off of you. It is in their best self-interest to see you not just survive, but also prosper. Don’t hesitate to ask at least for extended... READ MORE

Last-Chance Solutions to Money Problems

Individual Settlement You may pick and choose among your creditors the ones you need to pay by arranging individual settlements—that means getting the creditors to cancel some of your debt. Many suppliers will consider foregoing all claims on overdue accounts if you agree to promptly pay a portion of their claims. Some of them may... READ MORE