BUSINESSTOWN Hundreds of Business Ideas - Which One Is Right For You?

Home Business Idea: Apartment Preparation Service

Start-Up Cost: $1,000 Potential Earnings: $40,000–$80,000 Typical Fees: $100 and up per apartment Advertising: Email, telemarketing, flyers aimed at apartment landlords Qualifications: Knowledge of cleaning procedures and painting skills Equipment Needed: Cleaning supplies, sweeper, mops, buckets, painting equipment Potential Home Business: Yes Staff Required: No Disabled Opportunity: No Hidden Costs: Insurance, equipment maintenance Lowdown: You... READ MORE

Business Profile: Merchandise Demoing

Start-Up Cost: $500–$2,000 Potential Earnings: $30,000–$70,000 Typical Fees: $200–$1,500 per event Advertising: Search engines, email to manufacturers’ representatives or marketing departments, networking Qualifications: Good people skills and selling ability Equipment Needed: None Potential Home Business: Yes (but you’ll be on the road) Staff Required: No Disabled Opportunity: Possibly Hidden Costs: Insurance, slow reimbursement for travel... READ MORE

Low Investment Business Ideas with High Profit Potential

Here’s some exciting, low cost business ideas that…  Can be started with $2k or less Require little or no experience Are relatively easy to start Can be based in your home Have high profit potential I’m Bob Adams. I’ve started a lot of successful businesses with very little money – and so can you! Take... READ MORE

Finding New Business Ideas In The Everyday

It’s a Terrific Time to Be Starting a New Business! The world is changing. It’s changing fast. Change favors the new guy, the new business. The most obvious changes are impacting the business landscape in a big way, such as advances in technology, high-speed Internet, mobile Internet, social media, and so much more. In addition,... READ MORE

Buying a Business: 11 Critical Issues

Perhaps the most solid way to improve your chances of succeeding in your own business is to buy an existing business. If you put the same effort into improving an existing business that you would otherwise put into starting a new business, the results can be powerful indeed. Change Your Business Approach Most people, when... READ MORE

Buying a Franchise: Pros and Cons

The Pros Proven Business Model A huge positive of buying a franchise is the momentum and track record of the franchisor’s business model. Of course, it’s possible that the momentum is reversing or the track record is terrible, but this is all information that you can easily find and figure out. This is another great... READ MORE

Business Profile: Ad Sales Rep

Start-Up Cost: $1,000–$3,000 Potential Earnings: $60,000–$250,000 Typical Fees: Commission-only is standard and ranges from 5 to 25 percent Advertising: Email, phone calls, search engine advertising, referrals Qualifications: Experience with an advertising agency or as an advertising media sales representative Equipment Needed: Basic office equipment, business cards, letterhead Potential Home Business: Yes Staff Required: No Disabled... READ MORE