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How to Get Free Publicity for Your Business

“I made a big mistake by not seeking publicity for every single business I ran, including my early, tiny businesses.” There's Always a Publicity Angle When I went into the book business, it was a no-brainer to spend a lot of effort getting publicity—every other publisher was doing it. But I made a big mistake... READ MORE

Should You Hire a PR Firm or Do It Yourself?

You should consider doing your own publicity first. You will make the best spokesperson for your product or service. Also, if you try to do your own publicity, even for a few days, it will give you a much clearer insight into the process and you’ll be in a much better position to understand what... READ MORE

How to Be Your Own Publicist

One advantage of being your own publicist is that you know your product or service better than anyone else does. A great amount of time and effort can be expended apprising a PR firm or freelance publicist of your company and its products or services. Even so, no one will have the same enthusiasm for... READ MORE

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media for Your Business

Just diving into social media marketing for your small business because it seems “like everyone else is” could be a very bad idea! First off, if you are starting a new small business, launching social media channels right off the bat may not be the best use of your limited resources. Even if social media... READ MORE

How to Design a Professional Press Kit

Years ago, before the Internet got going, there was more or less a standard or typical “press kit” that a company used to promote new packages or services. But today there is much less consistency and much more variety. If possible, for a very small business, I’d try to totally cut the postage and printing... READ MORE

Sample Press Release

Eddie’s Incredible Toys 151 NW Northwest • Bellingham • Washington 98225 • 206-555-5555 • PRESS RELEASE For additional information, please contact:
 Edward K. Munchwerken at 
Eddie’s Puzzle Toys,,
 151 NW Northwest,
 Bellingham, WA 98225, 
206-555-5555. “Winter Solstice Star” Puzzle Promises to Become a Treasured Puzzle Bellingham, Washington, October, 12 xxxx — Eddie’s Incredible Toys... READ MORE

Q&As: Hot Publicity Tips for Your Business

Q: Which media should I target? A: Unlike advertising space, you are not directly paying for publicity coverage, so target every media vehicle imaginable. But give primary focus to the media avenues most relevant to your customers and those that you are most likely to get a story aired on or published in. If you... READ MORE