BUSINESSTOWN Selling Your Business? It Might Be Worth More Than You Think

Buying a Business: Negotiation Strategy

I learned this lesson from one of my professors at business school. It is more complex than it appears, and is worthy of some thought. I would buy virtually any business in the world for $1 million, as long as I can set the terms of the deal. So, sure, I’ll pay $1 million, but... READ MORE

Should I Use a Business Appraiser?

It is possible that if you spend a huge amount of time on valuing a business, especially if you are willing to spend a lot of time studying the latest deals in your industry, you could do a better job valuing a target company than a professional business appraiser could. But, chances are, a business... READ MORE

Selling Your Business: It May be Worth Alot

If you have a successful small business, sooner or later you'll consider selling it off, along with all its worries and responsibilities. You might fantasize about living the rest of your life in an exotic tropical paradise. Remember, though, that the degree of care and effort you put into the sales process could have a... READ MORE

The Essential Steps to Selling Your Business

The first step to selling your business is to realistically assess if the business is likely or even possibly saleable. If you aren’t sure, try having a candid discussion with someone in your industry, or consult a business broker. But as a rule of thumb, if you’ve been in business for at least a year... READ MORE

Q&As: Basic Issues in Selling a Business

Q: How should I advertise my business for sale? A: For a small local business I would simply start with posting a listing on an appropriate Internet site that features businesses for sale. For a larger business, I would place a listing on a trade industry website (if you are not using an investment bank).... READ MORE

Streetwise Advice: Setting the Asking Price for a Business

Be sure you are serious Deciding to sell your business is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Selling a business will take up a lot of your time and efforts. It will probably cause some business disruption, especially when employees, customers, competitors, and vendors are aware that your business is for sale. What... READ MORE

Business Valuation Basics

Valuing a business is more of an art than a science. Each industry tends to be unique, but there are a number of common valuation methodologies that are used and sometimes weighed against one another. For example, when I sold my trade book publishing company a number of years ago, a common valuation approach in... READ MORE