BUSINESSTOWN Turn Around Your Struggling Business

Quick Ways to Boost Profits

“Too often in business we get trapped into equating sales with profits. Yet there are many other ways you can dramatically impact your profitability!” Underpricing Kills Profits! Many small businesses have thinner profit margins than larger firms because they tend to underprice their products or services. So why not just raise prices? I know the... READ MORE

Your Business Plan IS Your Business

Having a great business plan is absolutely, positively the single most important thing you can do to ensure the success of your business. How Important Is Your Business Plan? It is generally more important than raising all the money that you could ever need or even hiring the very best employees that you could possibly... READ MORE

Cheap Marketing Tricks That Work

Small start-up businesses don’t usually have the resources to launch huge advertising blitzes in multiple media formats. In fact, even if you are already in business, chances are you don’t have an extensive cash allocation earmarked for promotion. There’s also a good chance that you’ve tried many different advertising approaches and vehicles and haven’t hit... READ MORE

Your Business’s Best Selling Tool Is You!

As a small business, you may not be able to match the advertising budget of your larger or more established competitors. But the most powerful way to get a person or a company to do business with you remains a face-to-face presentation. Fortunately, as a small business owner, you can do just as good a... READ MORE

Q&As: “Being the Best” Isn’t a Strategy

Q: Why can’t my strategy be based on being “the best”? A: Aiming to be “the best” isn’t a strategy. Everyone tries to be the best. Strategy is the means you choose to make your business the best option for existing and potential customers. For example, offering a more personalized service than that offered by... READ MORE

How to Slash Your Overhead

"Overhead, like the government, tends to just grow and grow. Reducing overhead takes incredible discipline and a willingness to risk civil war with all affected employees.” Overhead Is a Threat to Your Survival A low-cost structure is essential for being competitive, and low overhead is part of a low cost structure. Overhead costs don’t directly... READ MORE

Finance Your Business With Personal Loans

Personal loans are a great back-door alternative when seeking financing for a small business venture. Home Equity Loans Are Often Used to Indirectly Finance Small Businesses One of the most common means of obtaining funds for operating a small business is through a home equity loan. If you have been paying your mortgage for a... READ MORE