BUSINESSTOWN Website Design & Strategy

How to Design a Great Website For Your Business

In the early years of the Internet, the only way to assemble a great-looking website was to hire a designer or to very carefully do it yourself. In the latter case, you would have to either learn HTML or hire a skilled software engineer to code your website. And in either case, the website would... READ MORE

How to Organize Your Small Business Website

Here are some very basic thoughts about what goes into your website based on a book I published at Adams Media, The Best Internet Businesses You Can Start by Marian Betancourt.  Where to Start? Work out what you want to say and do on paper first. It is critical to get the sequential order of... READ MORE

11 Steps to Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine

Your website can be designed to do your sales work for you. To get started, you want to think through the sales process from your customer’s standpoint. What are the different steps that the customer progresses through? On your website you need to sell a customer more or less the same way you would if... READ MORE

Secrets to Successful Website Design

Here I am going to offer some additional perspectives on thinking about Web design based on the book that I published, Streetwise Relationship Marketing on the Internet, written by Roger Parker. As you might notice, I am offering several alternative perspectives and a number of thoughts on Web design. What I suggest is that you... READ MORE

Build a Great Relationship Marketing Website

I want to share some further thoughts with you about developing a so-called “relationship marketing website” based on the book I published, Streetwise Relationship Marketing on the Internet, authored by Roger Parker. But first, if all this sounds like more information than you want to know, I assure you that for some very small service... READ MORE

How to Build an Engaging Home Page

I can’t emphasize enough how important the home page and the first impression are when someone arrives at your website. For some excellent thoughts on designing your home page, I want to turn again to Roger Parker’s book, Streetwise Relationship Marketing on the Internet, which I published. 4 Key Points for First-Time Visitors Roger Parker... READ MORE

How to Convert Your Visitors Into Customers

If you’re serious about using your website to truly “sell” visitors and turn them into customers, then you need to “sell” them on the advantages of your products or services versus those of your competitors. Presumably in developing your business plan and thinking through your marketing, you have solid reasons why potential customers should do... READ MORE